Is a Golem a safe pick for Amarr epic arc?

I notice some, but not a ton of, NOS / neut when looking at the Eve Uni page for the Amarr epic arc.

I am learning to fly my Mach fairly well, but that’s mostly for blitzing. I have hundreds of hours (!) of comfort and experience flying my Golem with a bastion. I have obviously learned bastion does not protect against NOS.

If I fitted a MJD just to be safe, and was careful to get out of bastion mode in time to use the MJD, would I generally be okay? I typically fit my Golem (for mids) with 3 TP, shield booster, 2 mission-specific resists, and use the 7th slot as an auxilary role. (MJD, MWD, or, by default, MGC with precision or range script as needed.)

Assuming maxed skills in all relevant areas, it seems like the Golem is a fairly safe bet, but then it’s shield-tanked, and EM just rips generally rips through shields right? (Even with 1 active EM resist mod, shields go down not-super-slowly.)

Is now the time I think about using a cap booster for the auxilary slot?

Well your better off with an armor marauder like the paladin for the amarr epic arc, but a golem will do them just fine. NOS/Neuts should always be primaried, andd if your worried about them you can always equip a cap booster for those missions, essentially rendering you immune to all NOS/neuts for the mission.

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Agree with Abyss; you should be fine. Just make sure you read the mission walk through before accepting. Also, I think there is a chance of LS mission that you can complete in a smaller ship if needed. First time I ran it in a Golem,went fine. Second time I ran it I used a Paladin; much easier.

Good Luck!

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MJD, cruise missiles, no bastion - you’ll be fine.

Marauder has 70% bonus to MJD reactivation time…imo MJD should always be fitted.

Indeed, MJD is basically a get-out-of-stupid-mistake-free card in level 4’s.


Well, it helped me when I was doing amarr epic arc in golem.

very safe pick, ive done all 4 epics in 1, the caldari is hardest because even at 200kms they can apply full dps. go in, mjd, bastion, kill.

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