Create new type of stational structures: shipyards. They will be of 3 sizes: medium (frigates, cruisers,battleships), large (+cap), superlarge (+supercap). Expandable.

So usual stations and citadels are no more able to confine ships but commodities only. Only shuttles will be able to dock inside. They will be having dockyards for ships in order to work with inventory and services. And number of ships being able to dock simultaneously is restricted. Ships would no longer “dissapear” when docking. They take their place in yards so we could see them. If all docks occupied coming ships should be wait. There will be time restrictions for visit which depends on number of players awaiting outside.

This will fit reallity. Cause current stations on a volume just impossile to have all this ships (especially freighters) inside. Space is vast so capital ship yards could be really huge. Alliances in order to keep all their capital fleet should put their efforts to create a place for them to dock.

Ship yards will be having powerful turrets and strong shields.

Trade hubs must be redesigned respectively so they will be special huge complexes.

Inspired by this topic: Adjustment of the size of the stations and the materialization of the decorations

So “realistic” idea but I guess there might be a long period of improvement on servers or the performance of computers to make it real:no_mouth:

Why would we do this compared to the easy to use situation we have now?

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Because if would look COOL!!

But yeah, it might not be the most convenient or best use of resources…

Thats not even the half of it. You haven’t actually read the op have you?

Imagine the gameplay of having to wait till you dock if there is no space. Or go else where. Imagine a busy shipyard cluster causing tidi because it has to contain every ship in the area rendered IN SPACE.

OP doesn’t understand the game they are playing. Doesn’t understand that it is common for players to have hundreds of ships. Doesn’t understand that reality =/= good game play.

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Yes, I did read it. Thanks for checking though :roll_eyes:
My first response was tongue in cheek, hence why it’s all caps, italicized. Then I essentially agree with you that it’s not a good use of resources.

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If there were no mining bots (from bans or from game mechanics making it’s impossible) it would be interesting to see the prices of ships - I don’t think having hundreds of ships for players still be commmon then.

All what needed is a solution for storage multiple ships of a character. But this is not me who created a game with such (and many others) mishap.

This is not a problem really.

See what i mean?

Players have hundreds of ships. Alliances have thousands. The majority of miners aren’t bots, and prices of ships aren’t so low because at the same they are being pushed up by the amount of cash everyone has.

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Engineering Complexes. BAM. DONE. /thread

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