Shortcut to activate high mid or low slots groups

how do you activate high, mid or low modules? i was not able to find the shortcut in the settings.
it’s really annoying to have to activate each module through (F1-F8) and even more annoying to do combo(ctrl+alt+shift)+(F1-F8). Am i missing something here?

Settings, shortcuts tab, typer “power” in search box (top right corner of window). Setup keys you want for function you want.

Thanks Lis Torin, but there is no shortcut to assign to activate high/mid/low groups.
There is one to overload the group but not activate them, strange :face_with_monocle:

You can’t stack/group mid slot modules like weapons, so you can’t activate multiple modules at same time.
I think that idea is to prevent you from doing this.

Just set them to your keypad or something and press all at same time. There is huge change that everything will start in same server tick.

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