Shot down on test

3xt3nd3d Shihari attacked me in a WH while I was sitting near an entrance. He destroyed my paladin - that’s no accident as it takes a little time to burn on e down. I spent a lot of time getting to a scan a wh I could test in. I just want him banned from Test please.

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J-space is dangerous dawg.

The crybabies cannot even accept losses on the test server.

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F-12 in game then use bug report, on the test server

Still breaking the rules however.

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If a rule is not enforced then it is not really a rule, in my opinion.

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Nah, while I am NOT down with TQ crying, there’s no call to be doing stuff like that on Sisi.

I’ve felt the pain of scanning out a usable WH for testing fits. Takes long enough if all you wanna do is run a few fit variants. Sisi is for testing, not for ganking - there’s a whole system for fighting if that’s what you wanna do.

OP: not that it’ll do much, but you need to bug report on Sisi via F12. Posting here will achieve nothing but more tear harvesting.


these rules only apply during mass tests really, or rather, are only enforced during mass tests.

they will most likely refer the person making the report to the forums.

So where, where can one expect not to be bothered, it’s not about ganking, it’s about griefing, let’s just call it as it is, some people are just unable to control themselves without serious medication.

Soon as i get time, ill find the quote from ccp that basically says what you said is wrong

This was a response to me where i said the same thing you just said.


Just be forewarned, we’ve taken a firmer stance on this during the Alliance Tournament season and this is a clear violation of policy. Hoping that “nobody cares outside of mass tests” is an unwise strategy.


In that case, action on the multi boxers who trash the M-O arenas with 20 macro’ed dreads soon?

If someone shoots you on test server type:
and you can teleport away from them.

But yea pvp on test server has to be in the main system’s or consensual so he probably should be banned.

Try FD- you can get better 1v1 fights there with other people doing proper testing.
M-O is for people that can fly caps but no balls to use them on TQ.

Would be even better if caps where banned from FD- on sisi :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s asking a bit much


cant do this with an agression timer :smiley:

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Didn’t realise this lol dammit

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