Should CCP develop it's own Crypto Currency; Plexcoin

It would end in tears. Sure enough.

Imagine buying paper towels on Amazon with PLEX u grinded hard for

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Would it be 3-ply toilet paper? A virtual currency controlled by a private company MIGHT run into legal issues, but I may not be a lawyer, and certainly not one from Iceland.

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How do we know they’ll have the RAM for the cloud blockchain administration? If they don’t have the RAM, it’s likely the server implementation architecture will suffer a catastrophic failure.

Well, if it were make tons of ching, they can buy ram to compensate?

Here’s a better idea: anyone suggesting any idea involving cryptocurrencies, blockchains, etc, is permanently banned from EVE for being too stupid to exist.


I’m all about Canadian and US markets in reality, I can’t wait for all crypto junkies and those whose greed overrides sense lose their shirts.

I make a good passive income and crypto? As soon as reaches a certain price, all big investors will make it the Yahoo of 2000ish. It will be virtual toilet paper, that sounds messy.

Am I the only one bothered by the use of a semi colon but no question mark?

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Can’t McDonald’s have the McRib as a regular menu item? That makes more sense imo. Cost-efficient and TASTY.:man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


There are far too many dependancies that drive the human ego at the moment and many people are suffering with the effects of IT addiction etc. No more crypto-currency and no more drugs.

But the McRib? It could be considered a drug I suppose.

Yes, let’s upgrade EVE to use a quadrillion watts of power per minute.

The power wasted on Bitcoin is an “unexpected consequence” of the design rather than a useful feature.

It’s very unlikely the original designer expected it to work out this way.

A lot of banks in the US have banned cryptocurrency we can’t even buy it with credit cards in most places now in the US I know my bank has banned cryptocurrency so no good because they would just ban it again

It’s untraceable garbage and can be used by criminals and terrorists for financing. No thanks. Plus all the youth who think it’s a get rich quick? You’re not smart.
Getting sick of removing bitcoin miner hijackers almost daily.