Should edcom ships be alpha

I mean should they as there sort of weak compared to some alpha ship’s and they cost more so why would a omega player even spend the isk to fly one

Given how strong they are in their niches I’d say no, they probably shouldn’t be available to alphas.


And how expensive at the same time, you have to get that into consideration also.

Alphas can already fly powerful Gilas, Rattlesnakes, Machariels etc…

But not Trig and DENCOM ships.

Its not because they are overpowered, its because CCP wants people to buy omega.

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Nothing wrong with that…

However to actually get that to happen, I think CCP needs to cut back on what Alpha accounts can do in-game, starting with no access to Skillpoint Extraction.

Alpha accounts are suppose to be a trial / test run of the game, not be a F2P main…


Ok well you can use an edencom cruiser at about 1.5 bill total cost to clear content that otherwise needs a 4bil fit Gila.

Can you provide a fit and use case? I have trouble believing so much money is needed for clearing PvE content, and for PvP it would be pretty wasteful with EDENCOM cruiser.

lol, I don’t think you have any idea what alphas can do and cannot do

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Right?! The ISK needed to fund the ship is insane. Ammo costs insane. Horrible for missions. Hull costs are uber high in alpha terms :laughing:

Edencom ships are ultra niche. They have not scaled up like the trig ships! We have already discussed the reasons why.

The problem is that by giving alphas access to Leshak (and giving acess just to destroyer+cruiser would be going against the “rule”) you are creating a new multiboxing alphas abuse for shutting down citadels.

We know that multiboxing alphas for ganking was (and still is) a major problem and had to be nerfed, hence we cannot let this happen as the griefers who are doing this would simply swap to citadels bashing.

Plus, we cannot let non-paying players to be able to kill/destroy ships and assets of paying customers in highsec, it is not fair. If you don’t pay, you can only be on the lowest place in foodchain, simple as that.

You cant multibox alphas, legally. That in itself is abuse of game terms.

I have nothing against single alphas using leshaks for citadel bashing.

Easy. Here’s a fairly representative 8 billion isk abyssal fit (including implants). You don’t actually need to spend this much - you can cut off a few bil if you’re happy adding a little risk.

Silly fit. I think I have seen few worth as much on zkill. :boom:
But it isnt the EDENCOM cruiser that is supposedly cheaper and better to use. Especially when there is something like that really cheaper:

For alphas there are really easier option than tier 6 abyssals. FW being one. Lots of LP and ISK to make, and not as expensive investment that goes boom to socket closed.

I think we talk here about maybe few people who would get those expensive fits for running abyssals while being alpha, so why not just give it to them to try and they can try.

Nana Skalski

Given how strong they are in their niches

And how expensive at the same time, you have to get that into consideration also.
Alphas can already fly powerful Gilas, Rattlesnakes, Machariels etc…
But not Trig and DENCOM ships.
Its not because they are overpowered, its because CCP wants people to buy omega.

If CCP want to sell more, all they need to do is clone what their parent company has done with Black Desert… sell us sexy underwear at $7.50 a pop! I don’t know what my Bestower would do with the sexy underwear but I am sure it would sell.

Seriously, from this alpha player’s point of view, I am not interested in buying these ships just to lose them to gankers who want to rank up. Open world PvP is ok by me, but losing a huge investment in real cash and time never sets well with me. I take part in PvP elsewhere, but so far, ever since I started playing this last summer, I haven’t seen any appeal to going from Alpha to Omega. All games offer you more buffs and perks for buying or paying a monthly sub. My point here is; The better ones can exist on selling cosmetic items alone. However if your cosmetic gets destroyed in PvP, where is the fun in that?

Honestly drone ships are wildly overpowered - they have close range damage applicable at long range. it’s my opinion that drones need another balance pass - since we included drone damage amp, faction drones and crazy ship bonuses for them (and also scaled back how often AI targets them in PVE situations) it seems clear that drones are the dominant PVE choice. Its like looking at the 2009 era drake and wondering why no one else seems to think the ship is completely busted.

Damage projection on drones is insane… same with trig ships. It’s clear why they’re PVE beasts.

Beasts are marauders. No way I imagine that could be given to Alpha. The pirate ships are just fancier tech 1. Trig and edencom isnt exception to tech 1. But for some reason it is. If you dont know what it is about, its about Money. CCP chose to add these new ships for omega only because to fly them you need to pay now, PLEX or $, which for CCP is the same thing. Thats their decision. I only think its not consistent. I would like to see these ships being alpha too, I rarely fly them as Omega but for Alpha they could be quite interesting. They belong to Alpha for that reason for me. I have better option on Omega. Everyone have.

whether they want more money or not is kinda irrelevant. The difference between pirate and trig/Eden is that pirate ships use base 4 races ship skills. There’s only like 8 trig ships in total?

Their power level is closer to T2 or T3 so it makes sense that they aren’t available.

the Gila is the exception. It’s stupidly overpowered. the fact it’s available to Alpha is crazy because it’s better than the ishtar.

Decision was dictated by the perspective of adding trig/eden only for omega, but the skills themselves can be made Alpha, some levels at least. Technically its not a problem for CCP.

maybe if you’re going to selective take single sentences out of context you should do it for slightly more obtuse statements.

The real statement was the trig and edencom ships are significantly more power than normal t1 sips, closer to T2 or t3

How about we give alphas ability to fly the ships, but not use their weapon platforms? Everyone happy.

Closer to pirate vessels. They would not profit off the full omega skills too if CCP would allow alphas to fly them.