Should Noir be stripped of Aidonis?

(Diana Kim) #1

I have read the latest publication of Dr. Felisenne Olvenar, who researched in details the personality of the infamous Federal Navy Admiral Alexander Noir, who rammed Malkalen station with his supercarrier, killing multiple advocates of peace from both sides, notably former Ishukone CEO Otro Gairushi.

The author tells us, that Noir’s actions towards peace were just a deception to advance Federal’s military goals. And, in general, I do agree with these conclusions, as they match my own feeling about Gallente and their “peace” attempts.

I do not agree, however, that Noir should be stripped of his statue. And it is not just about Noir. With the terror act the Federal Navy has committed under his command wasn’t just his own operation, but also everyone who were following his orders and even possible undercover agent on the station itself. Moreover, we shall always remember that this terror act the Gallentes have committed in Malkalen did not start the war, even if reducing greatly voices for peace from both sides: the war was started with overall criminal gallente racism against Caldari and attacks on people of Caldari descent and sites of Caldari significance all over occupied by Federal invaders at that time Caldari Prime. It was Fioritan’s decision to segregate our people by bloodlines or nationality. It was gallente security police, who started beating and killing Caldari protesters instead of protecting them from racism coming from gallentean citizens…

Noir was just one man, who has expressed his feeling about us, but also feelings of oh so many people from the other side of the border, of people who started the war after his death. He was a perfect example of Gallentean: deceptive, hateful, dishonorable, genocidal.

Aidonis reward itself represents Gallente desire of peace - the same peace Noir was trying to deceive us with just to backstab later. The same peace back in the day Aidonis was promoting at the end of the first war, that ended with Caldari Prime being left in the hands of foreign occupants, who have bombed it, slaughtering billions of civilians. That peace we signed in YC12, that shameful treaty, that was celebrated so widely and was overall accepted - it was nothing, but Gallentean’s attempt to legalize their conquest and oppression of Caldari Prime.

The picture of Noir with the statue in his hands gives us the perfect feeling of what does the peace means, when brought to you in Gallente hands.

I am pretty sure that all of you already heard from certain Gallente speakers who were addressing us, Caldari, about necessity of the peace. And while they do that with one hand, their other hand is deep in our guts, torturing thousands of prisoners of war, locking them in exploding cells, starving them, beating and raping, making life of the people worse than the lowest of slaves in the Amarr Empire - especially recent ones, Minmatar prisoners of war (Nauplius excluded - he’s a Blooder). While they call for peace, Gallente pseudo-rogue squads commit genocide in Caldari colonies in Black Rise.

Even Tibus Heth, who probably was the most militant of us towards Gallente aggression, signed peace after he liberated Caldari Prime from gallentean occupants - simply we don’t need from gallente more than what they stole from us. And even that treaty was violated five years later with infamous Operation Highlander, atrocity committed by Gallenteans that even exceeds their bombing of the same planet two hundred years ago.

Leave the man his statue, he deserved it by being properly “peaceful” Gallentean. Leave it, so we all know what does gallentean version of peace means. Leave it, so we will never fall for gallente deceptions ever again, looking at the picture of the man with Aidonis in his hand next to the picture of his Nyx ramming the station.

(Che Biko) #2

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