Should recruiting be removed?

CCP has clearly proven that :

  1. People being wrecked/podded by pirates makes them play forever paying dank $.
  2. People that recruit other people succesfully in game quit and never come back.
    “Given the large number of recruitment awards that have still not been claimed from the old system, there will be a delay in these being delivered. There a substantial number of inactive pilots that have not claimed rewards from the old system”

:smiley: Dank statistics.

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It’s haunting me. Everywhere I look now I see dank and then think of Ralph’s definition.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No idea where the word came from nor do I use it, but should it be related to the German word “Dank” then it means “Thank”. In the context of “paying dank $” would it then mean the person is thankful and pays to express their gratitude.

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Dank is old English, probably pilfered from old Scandinavian because English is a language that drags other languages into dark alleys and steals their stuff.

Generally used outside of bad memes to refer to dark and/or damp places.

The German word dank(e) is not related to it, the closest in German would probably be dampfe or feucht


As I’ve said, I don’t know where it comes from nor do I use it, which also means I’m not going to pick it up.

I’m merely trying to provide an interpretation of what it could mean and given the context it made sense. Frankly do I see no sense at all in a statement of paying “dark and damp $” to CCP.

When I was a kid, if you wanted to know what a word meant, you had to head down into the dank basement room that nobody talked about in polite company and look it up in the family dictionary.

These days it’s a little easier and there’s no excuse but pure laziness for not knowing what anything means within seconds of hearing it. And yet…

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Please, when you think it means “dark and damp” then explain OP’s statement.

lol fair enough, I don’t see the sense in that statement either although some demographics have taken to using it to describe something of high quality, originally people who enjoy “recreational herbs” I believe, and it’s grown from there to cover anything perceived as being of high quality or value.

@Ralph_King-Griffin definition is good though, it aptly describes a soggy Guinness fart which often leaves you wondering if you followed through.


He’s 12 years old and says stuff he thinks makes him one of the cool kids, but actually makes him look like a moron?

But really, ask him. I don’t live in his head to be able to answer your question. Saying dank out of the context of a cave or some seriously skanky weed means pretty much dick.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Should recruiting be removed? No.
Should CCP get off their ass and fix the problems in the game that are causing player stagnation and a mass exous? Heck yeah. But I’m not very optimistic on the latter.

Unfortunately I think too many have their heads in the sand as far as the real problems in this game. Too many divergent ideas as to what is best and too little desire to make compromises.

Only wholesale clearing of house might have a chance to fix things, in my opinion, but that carries a great risk of only speeding up the decline.

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At the current rate of decline, they won’t have to wait long. The next mass layoff is going to decimate what remains of CCP.

I think the word dank being used more comes from a simple attempt to change how they speak…

Example: “Hey man that ■■■■ is dope!!” uhm ok, dope, slang for drugs, sure…most regular ppl think your are stupid.

These days: “Yeah my girl does all this cool stuff, she is one dank piece of carpet” hmmm, actually read this statement once somewhere…im sorry now you are just retarded…if your girlfriend is “dank” there is something horribly wrong with her and needs a medical checkup.


What is more worrying in that sentence imo is his gf is a “piece of carpet”, I am aware of waifu pillows and such which is creepy and weird already but a piece of carpet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe shes hairy?


Carpet gets laid once, then gets walked all over for years…


I did not realize i was suppose to “claim” rewards for recruiting until I read this line yesterday. After hunting for the correct page in the interwebs for 40 minutes I found were I was suppose to claim my rewards.

  1. Sorry to the OP for the thread swerve.

  2. I’m going to toss my hat in with the “dank means something bad” crowd. I also hate it when nouns are used as verbs. Get off my lawn.

  3. Some of these comments caused me spew coffee all over my keyboard. No, that does not mean that I “coffeed my keyboard”, though it could definitely now be considered “dank”. Well done, gents.

So you keyboarded your coffee instead? :slightly_smiling_face:


Well played, sir!