Ganking really getting out of hand

Not satisfied with all the grief being caused by CODE. and other belligerent undesirables someone ganked the chat servers again. Rumors have it that CCP devs may actually be involved with the destruction of the once-proud chat system. Will nobody think of the children?


You should be banned from the forums for starting such a rumor. I had a thread locked because I suggest CODE and CCP were in league.

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Those chemtrails you see in the sky? Those are jokes going over your head. So fast that the sonic boom would be dangerous if they didn’t fly so high, lucky you.


If they flew any lower then you’d be sniffing their fumes right off their engines.

The Duality of ganking is this. They get to ganking because they want to be the Gain King. Such a literal association is where CODE exists.

I have to disagree here. His posts make me think he’s usually on drugs, not crazy. :rofl:


To say that a crazy man is any different than a man on drugs, is no more to the point, than to say that a blind man is any different than a man who covers his eyes with a blindfold and announces that light does not exist.


Your threads get locked because you’re an asshat.



I always thought CCP Fozzy was James315.

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Somebody please link a picture from Fanfest with CCP Fozzie and James315 together so this baseless rumor can be put to rest. Doesn’t really matter which of the last few years. (Bonus like if you have the pics from the Party at the Top of the World.)

I disagree with all of you, also various replies have been flagged.

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Somehow I have the feeling you haven’t read enough of his posts… and some of us have to deal with his “contributions” to the AG channel in game too…


Doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with his view on the subject. What does matter is posting personal attacks which is against the forum rules.

But it’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, nor a personal attack against him either. It’s the way he posts, the incoherency and often unreadability of what he says…

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I think I found it…


I didnt make a personal attack against him. I said it makes him look crazy when he posts multiple weird anti-Code posts that make very little coherent sense. Remember, his thread was locked up, which means the Devs agree that his thread was not contributing to anything.

Its one thing to simply call someone an idiot or a retard or crazy. Its another to explain why someone is perceived as such when he does something that we would consider as abnormal or out of the ordinary.


Heh, that doesn’t mean the Dev’s think the thread isn’t valid. The reason the thread is locked, as well as many other threads in these forums, is due to constant trolling done by others with the intention of getting the thread shut down by inciting a flame war and derailing the topic.

It’s fine to disagree with someone’s viewpoint, however when mixed in with sarcastic insults it then becomes a personal attack. Also everyone’s opinion is just as valid as the next one.

By the way, you don’t speak for everyone so stop saying ‘we’.

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So can you provide me with a topic that Dryson Bennington posted that added anything substantial to the topic of Code/ganking?

Because thats the thing. Every single topic he has created, its as if he is trying to bait, to create a topic for the intentional use of calling code out and creating a flame war.

As stated to another poster, create ridiculous posts, get ridiculed.

Again, there is a difference between personal attacks and explain why someone is percieved as such. Its the same difference between an Ad Hominem attack and explaining why someone is actually an idiot or completely nuts regarding specific topics.

“We” does not mean “Everyone”. The word is used as a plural to indicate more than one person, in case you didnt know.