Should we all VPN?

Could it be that some/much of the world is not affected by the DDOS??? (check twitch). Is the strategy to mitigate the DDOS to intercept and cleanse traffic from certain networks? i.e. north America??

I really want to use VPN to get around this. would the client know that using VPN from my one computer is NOT account sharing? I don’t want to get banned by playing with VPNs and trying out different VPN pipes.

*** Also, an hourly status update would go a long way. Just one tweet per hour about how the remediation is going would prevent tons of griping from users. maybe an explanation about which geographical areas are affected?

… You have no idea what a ddos is or how VPNs work in relation to a ddos, do you?

A VPN would not help you at all in this situation.


I assumed that if they are using cloudfront to mitigate the attack and the bot network was mainly in north america, they would be only filtering/cleansing packets from NA and therefore a VPN pipe, such as tunnelbear, that has options to have the endpoint in europe might get around this.

there were claims that a vpn fixed the issue for some people - like the guy who vpn’d to iceland. these may have been premature claims.

no, i am no expert on ddos attacks at all. i was just so curious to see many twitch streamers unaffected.

A great many Muricans make that assumption. It’s usually wrong then too.

No one banns connections during DDoS based on IP location. Also, if you can use VPN, BotNet also can mask IP’s.

VPN wont change anything or only will make things worse since your you will become part of big network.

Use google to learn bit more about attack itself and how VPN works.

Still can’t play at all from the US, but switching to a VPN with an endpoint in the UK fixes the problem for me completely. I’m not claiming to know why.

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