Shouldn't the first name allow a dot (aka . ) so that people can be Mr., Ms., Dr. etc

The lack of doctors among capsuleers is kind of disturbing.

Basically there’s tons of titles that get abbreviated with a dot, the possibilities for names are endless!

I’m not sure if their code would allow for special characters. A lot of old password systems don’t, so it’s possible they’re not able to due to code limitation.

Or just don’t use the dot. Not like anyone will care. I know, mind-blowing


Your name looks terrible with hyphens but would look nice with a period at the end.

As an amateur programmer, I can tell that this is nonsense.

They already allowed one special character, ’ which is the one that is causing issues with older databases or inside PHP code. So that because this character is allowed it means they have that covered and can as well add more.

And even if they didn’t have it handled. Doing that should be a trivial matter.

Will they allow it? No chance.

The suggestion must be “CCP should allow us to buy dot (aka .) in name”. Then it has a chance of success. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: isn’t dot used to distinguish alliances against rest “entities” ? Since you cannot have the same name of aliance as a corporation and corporation as a character, this is pretty much the only way.

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Good points, we have dots in other names but not in player names. I’d like to make a Dr. or something!

What is the name you wanted that’s taken?

Optimus Swine, Esq.

Well, you can’t have it.

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