Show a little love to the HYPE

you know considering its description as a faction that wanted a great blaster platform, she sure as hell needs some love to be up there with the others.
I know she does did/,have a role in pvp, and so I gues was not specifically made for pve, but its such a lovely looking ship I really wanna fly one, but a vindi is better.
I don’t want to use drones exept for defence of small targets, I just would love to see it used more as a pve boat

Not that it couldn’t use some love, it is a bit of an apples to orange comparison when you want to compare it to the Vindicator, which is a pirate faction variant that costs almost 4x as much for the hull.

yea I know, guess that wasn’t a good comparison, but I don’t think its even as good as the mega,
inkow as well its not a top tier ship, but its just so dam cool it need like a T2 variant or something

As far as I am aware, the tier 3 T1 battleships


Are the only empire ships with no T2 variant.

Attack Battlecruisers (Talos, Naga, Tornado, Oracle) also have no T2 variant.

I don’t understand you. You can use it as a PvE boat. No one forces you, or anyone, to use what’s “better”. Why don’t you use a boat just because it provides less ISK per tick?

I’ll do one better. Are we even sure it is that much worse than say a megathron? It gets a rep bonus which presumably means you can devote fewer lows to your tank and add in more damage mods. It doesn’t have the mega’s tracking bonus but you have plenty of mids for tracking upgrades.

True, but the 4 battleships have been around a lot longer then the Attack BC and have no real role beyond a starter PVE ship or blob fleet.

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