Show haulers some respect

Hauling, the red-headed bastard child of EVE, gets no recognition. What is supposedly the easiest profession is not as easy as you may think. You risk your own isk and ship every time you accept a courier contract into low/null. You play a defensive game because haulers are not set up for assertive pew-pew (though I have heard stories about the “battle-badger.”

So far we get nothing in the way of skins for our ships with each new release of skins.

So notoriety is due easily done by counting the number of successful courier contracts a player completes vs the failed ones. You already have the data, CPP.

Add a ranking system like you do with bounty perps so others can see your level of success/failure and perhaps prompt them to hire you out, for those who dont want to deal with the large corporate haulers.

To add to this, create ship skins and clothing/uniforms suitable for haulers and available only to haulers who have achieved a certain ranks in the hauling game so others could easily identify you as a professional hauler.

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I mean… hauling is easy and extremely safe. and good haulers do earn quite a bit of notoriety. A good hauler is like a good lawyer. You know who they are and individuals and organizations have one or more that they use on retainer. Not sure why you think they don’t get respect I wouldn’t dream of pissing off any of mine. It is a nightmare when a good one quits or real life gets in the way and they have to take a break.

as for skins many of my favorite or on the Providence I mean they could be on the ark but you are not beating the base ark skin

I dont see much issue with a ranking system…except for one thing, has the OP thought of the Free Intel this would provide?

It would be no different than the free intel provided with the bounty system. You are going to get popped whether you are well known or not.

What metrics are you using to determine if someone is professional hauler or not?

Then someone decides to screw you and their 300 alts give you 1 star. Then GMs have to police it.

They already gave hauling a Hello Kitty rebalance when they took out the need to dock when delivering.

Plus people will suicide the 5 star haulers just to say they did.

Eh, haulers don’t need metrics, they need options to be anything but the easiest target some pvp kid can try to kill. Proper fittings would go a long way, as would the removal of some mechanics that are (surprise surprise) abused by pvp players but never removed.

Won’t happen, because those same kids spam here and reddit to keep such things from ever happening.

Delete the class except for freighters. More effort on group content to gank, less risk from carebear F1 monkeys flying cheap destroyers cough CHODE cough…aka few mill to detroy ■■■■ class ship that can carry tens to half a billion.

As well, remove auto pilot feature, force warp to zero, and call the funtion navigator or co-pilot. No more camping and popping the ■■■■ industrials.

Rant- indutrials are a useless class that encourage lazy pvp and dumb pilots waiting to get popped. Suggesting to improve players as a whole, industrial are useless KM fodder. Large bulk should be moved by freighter.

Or, instead of whining and crying about PvP “abuse” you could place the blame where it belongs: on the idiot hauler pilots who beg people to suicide gank them. There are already plenty of defensive tools for smart hauler pilots to use and the risk is minimal. Giving even more defense against PvP is nothing more than pandering to people who fail at EVE.

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been moving ■■■■ all my life in eve through all areas of space only time I lost a freighter was when I was in a ■■■■ it mood and decided to use it for jet can mining in a HS war dec. only people who die to HS ganks are the lazy. Either to lazy to learn how to protect themselfs or to lazy to put the knowledge to use

Look, I can tell you’ve never flown a freighter but really you should just stop. Be it bait or not, you always take it and get hyper defensive like I’m going to take away your candy.

Being foolish during war happens, but there’s something to be said for bumping a ship to the point where you have three options: The bumper misses, the bumper bumps you into something you could warp to, safelog.
Technically there’s another, you counter bump the bumper, but trying to set that up is both too slow and far harder than infinite bumping a target until enough alphas get logged in.

Take away what candy? And if you really want I’m pretty sure this toon has loss mails from ls though not many as once again… it is really hard to get killed in a freighter unless you’re being lazy.

No there is not much you can do once you’re getting bumped. But if your last ass waited until the kitchen was already engulfed before taking steps then yeah you’re probably losing the house.

Wasn’t directing anything besides the text below the quote towards you pal.

Webbing alts work well enough to helping get freighters through places and avoiding bumpers, but in truth I just don’t find it to be engaging gameplay.

I mean… you’re hauling it’s not going to get very engaging. But it’s more engaging than not and gets it over with faster

Professional haulers tend to join Red Frog and its subsidaries or Push X, it’s easier than competing with them.

Both have successful deliveries in the very high 98th+ percentile last time I looked; it’s not what you fly, it’s how you go about it.

Null alliances may have people who offer service on the same level on retainer.

And once the alphas log in they discover that the freighter is impossible to profitably suicide gank, and the alphas log back out. The only freighter pilots that lose any meaningful number of freighters are the lazy and incompetent ones who fail to use the best tool for avoiding danger.

I’m 100% certain this discussion was regarding the notion of the ability to kill a freighter, not if it was fiscally valid or taking that into the equation.

It also doesn’t take that much in lets say less than 10 mil for upper end catalysts to kill a freighter. You can reliably kill it with 50 and that’s 1/2 the price of the ship itself.

If it takes a few million to kill someone’s hauler, then they are most definitely doing it wrong. You can get a Bustard to have about 750k EHP overheated, which takes around 220 synchronized Catalyst’s to gank. Forcing warp to 0 is just plain stupid, because it removes a important aspect of PVP and scouting. Removing autopilot is fine though. Also, bulk is often moved by jump freighters these days, because it is so much faster and safer to just chain jumps instead of having to go through every system.

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