Shrimp Gang - Null - indy - pve - pvp

We are a group of players that have been flying with each other for about 6 months out in Minmatar space. We have made great progress in 6 months and are looking for people to help us push forward even more.

18+ members only.
Mainly USA time zone.

What we can offer you:
We recently joined breakpoint. and made the move out to null sec
We are looking for pilots that would like to try out null sec, although any experience level is welcome.

Industry Help.
We are looking for pilots for our industry departments. Mining, manufacturing, and logistics.

We have all the normal standards for null sec with a decent chunk of space to rat in.

We do all sorts of pvp. Null sec, Wormhole, and low sec roams.
Any FC experience is very welcome. We want to build up our alliance pvp.

We also have an extremely active discord with friendly helpful pilots, with lots of helpful text channels and voice channels.

If you are interested, join the in game chat channel “Shrimp Gang” to have a chat with a recruiter or leadership.
Feel free to contact Void Clairvoyants via in game mail as well.

Come be part of the Shrimp Gang!

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