Shuttles - Jump Fatigue Role Bonus

Really a simply suggestion, but one that would really improve life I think. While travel Industrials hold a certain charm for nullsec jumping around, would it possible to add the ‘90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue’ to shuttles, for use on nullsec jump bridges? With the shuttle still being bubble-vulnerable, no modules (no cyno), and with a small cargohold, I don’t think it could be used for any nefarious purposes, but it’d let us escape stacking jump fatigues for forming up for fleet ops or simply moving around clones in safe territory. And it’d cement the shuttle in its travel role.

Is there any way this could be used negatively? I can’t think of one, but it might exist…

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I like this idea :slight_smile:

No…making it harder for nullseccers to travel the map easily was the sole reason for jump fatigue.

Makes sense. Right now people use travel fit industrials to deal with jump fatigue so it is not already around, just makes a cheaper but more vulnerable alternative.

Uh, making it harder to drop capitals on everything that moved was the role of Jump Fatigue, allowing smaller combat to flourish. Actually adding the role bonus to shuttles would make form-ups easier, and would make spontaneous fleets easier to join, if it’s easier to meet the “no fatigue” that alot of null fleets call for. A travel industrial leaves 6 minutes of fatigue; by the time you’re undocking, it evaporates. I’m not introducing something new, just asking that a common mechanic be made more accessible (a shuttle could gate+bridge it’s way to meet up, as opposed to an industrial which is really slow on gates).

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…no…it would make it easier for cap characters to move across the map trivially. Having cap ships seeded is easy. If this suggestion was implemented, I’d just place cap ships with alts that can’t fly them in different stations/citadels, then use shuttles to jump to wherever I’m needed to fight. Any nerf to jump fatigue is a bad thing for the game.

…then why do we not see large industrial taxi convoys already with seeded cap ships? Jump clones exist. An alliance that wants seeded caps can already do it without shuttles. I’m not proposing something extraordinarily new; this already exists. I’m just asking for a minor change to make it easier on new characters than flying ponderous industrials

Beyond that, there are only a few organizations and people that can afford multiple caps per person in different stagings, and being able to “sit out” a good portion of their available caps no matter what.

And finally, with bubbles and no MWD or cloak (and a max 600m/s for shuttles), a gatecamp is certain death for a shuttle, even more than an industrial I’d argue. You just need to sneeze at it. Shuttles make a good choice because they’re accessible, counterable, and, really, seeded caps seems like a really niche situation that only a few alliances can afford or setup.

no, you’re asking for it to be even easier for power projection across the map. If anything, jump fatigue needs to be worse, not nerfed.

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It is a reasonable idea.

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Because a shuttle can totally doomsday a cap fleet. Right. You’re also being STUPENDOUSLY ignorant of a key limiting factor:shuttles cant hop to cynos ya dolt. They need to be BRIDGED by a titan or a POS-anchored jump bridge. Those limit power projection to exactly what it is now if they flew industrials. It just means they spend less time hobbling around like an old man. Frankly I think you’re only against it purely because shuttles warp just a little faster than indies.

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You do realize people can change ships to a cap from a shuttle, right?

“less time hobbling around like an old man” is a good thing. I’m against this because nullbears want it easymode to live in what should be one of the most difficult parts of the game. ya dolt.

And they can in a ceptor, an indy, or any other ship in existence. Your point? Plus it looks like you’re still willingly ignoring the blatant limitations that are already in the game that limit your so called “abusability” of this change.

interceptors get a 90% bonus in jump fatigue? Since when?

Ceptors do not, because that would be overwhelmingly broken. You could take combat roams out to the other side of the galaxy with that.

But really, I’m not proposing something ground breaking. A shuttle is super easy to stop in null; a taxi shuttle can never be used except in space you control perfectly (bubbles and smartbombs would make it really easy to kill). Just like an industrial right now. It’s no harder for a hunter to kill a shuttle than an industrial. There is literally no difference in shuttle or industrial, except “hobbling around”

All I’m proposing is that we cut 7 seconds off the warp from the industrial, and make it easier logistics than stocking industrials, especially for alpha clones and new players. This holds no combat value, despite your attempts to stretch this into implausible lands.

Oh, and you do realize that people can change ships to a cap from an industrial, right?

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So in your mind you think traveling in null with an industrial is easier than in a shuttle?

Nothing about living in null should be easier than it is today. Null is already glorified HS.

I’d like to see this change. It’s annoying having to switch into an industrial ship solely to take a jump bridge, and seems to be contrary to the use case that it was designed for. This way you can go to a fleet op then when finished simply travel back home a lot faster in the same shuttle.

Uh, take a moment to read what I’m writing, please.


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