Siege Green - Structure Updates Now Avaialble for Testing

I’m not sure you’re actually reading the posts at all, as I’ve said previously, these are suggestions not based on current mechanics. They are suggestions based on structure mechanics changing depending on system security level and/or ADM’s.

It’s great you feel safer in Null, I did too hence the “safer” in inverted commas, it’s not safer which is the problem. An area of space that isn’t policed by concord, capitals are prevalent and additional PvP mechanics are available is safer than highsec. That is disjointed.

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Oh, I definitely am. But you can’t divorce the suggestions from the impacts those suggestions would have. Nothing happens in a vaccum, and if you try to design a set of changes in isolation, you only end up with a raft of unintended consequences the size of a small gas giant.

I’m guessing English isn’t your primary language. Not that you’ve made any mistakes or anything, but just FYI, in English, those are quotation marks.

Except that the safety in nullsec is 100% because we work for it. We actively work to defend our space. We set standings. More importantly, we establish that if the guy coming into local isn’t set blue, they’re assumed hostile. Nullsec is safer because tens of thousands of man-hours are put in across every sov-holding group, to make it safer for that group in that part of null.

What security there is in highsec, OTOH, is effortless and agnostic: Nobody needs to work for it, and everyone benefits from it.

Highsec’s safety is f2p, Nullsec’s is ‘Pay Up Front’.

Does it still seem disjointed?

It is, but it was gone 3am and the bottle and a half of vino was doing its job nicely but thank you for assuming the role of grammar police, it’s tickled me a bit.

I should have been clearer though, the safety I was referring to was directed at structures. Linking it back to the system safety/ADM level, highsec could have structure restrictions but be harder to destroy, Nullsec is unrestricted with regards to structure types so gains the benefits of larger structures but are easier to destroy relatively speaking.

Regardless, the entire thread is interesting. It does appear to highlight that a one size fits all doesn’t seem to work across the entirety of New Eden.

I am done flinging mud though, it hasn’t stuck so I’ll retreat back to lurking.

Popping in here to note that according to zKilll there has not been an uptick in medium structures destroyed across highsec in the past 7 days compared to 7 days before that, back a few times. (I encourage other players to keep tracking this – use the advanced search function)

The largest current contributor to structure destruction is the imperium’s small campaign against FI.RE in the south.

I would guess the number of structures destroyed is mainly scaling with how many players are playing Eve Online actively which is down lately a bit, as we all know.

Seems that once again we find that players are conservative & stuck in their ways and game design changes do not have a large effect on their behavior.

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I think we need to pay attention to other factors, for example there was already a massive reduction in medium structures in hisec. To be blunt making it easier on a reduced pot of targets was always going to be a bit iffy to say that it proves anything?

As for me, I could refer to the fact that since the change hit my group lost more medium structures in nullsec, however part of that was because they had been reinforced to their final timer and the hull HP was made so small they finished them off in ten minutes flat. I will of course not use these as an example in whether this patch is good or not.

My metric will be how many people are operating in WH space, Lowsec and NPC nullsec after this has properly embedded in with it being made so much easier to get a killmail on medium structures. For example at an abstract level we see Astrahus and Raitaru’s as being utterly useless. An Athanor has to be able to be used at least once to pay for itself on decent moons and twice on poor moons. It is calculations like that which are the real meat in the pie… and totally ignored by CCP!

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Nope, not grammar policing, just trying to provide information to someone who seemed to lack it. Gotta remember, most of the people I deal with every day don’t live on my continent.

Then highsec is already orders of magnitude safer. You can’t gank structures. No wardec, no opening fire. So in addition to it being impossible to just troll-ping someone’s structures over and over with no investment until they get tired of defending (because you have to pay to keep the wardec up) the owner gets 24h notice that their structures might get shot.

Unless it’s diamond rats, lol


Yeah. I’m very comfortable with the cloaky-mwd thing, so low sec ain’t so bad. But bubbles and interdictors and Hics are dangerous. Cool, but dangerous.

There’s one little null route segment I routinely have to take to avoid that unforgivable broken highway that Trigsy CCP provided for “fun.” I’ve spent hours getting the bookmarks in place to ensure I can avoid getting caught.

Once again CCP has shown marvelous genius for attacking the real issue of Eve, which is getting new player and retaining new players. Excellence in action!

I’m playing Civ VI a fair amount lately.

CCP is in the quandary of whether to use production to expand their current cities (multi-account whales) or use that production to make new Settlers (new players) and expand.

Holy Weed Seed, Batman! I just had a thought.

Add mechanics to reward CEO’s of corps for each Omega with less then a year since “birth”. Reward the pushers of the addiction, so to speak. Obviously folks will figure out how to exploit this, but it can only lead to more “younger” characters.

Just wait, the kill mails are coming. My corp just lost 3 medium structures. After the shield was popped our timer was 3 days 6 hours. These changes have been out a week. So you’ll start see it soon.


Starting to see it now, the Coalition I am in has lost quite a few now and the losses are accelerating.

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Not quite. The issue isn’t expanding current cities, it’s keeping all of them.

What happened with the small upwell structures, and are we ever going to get that solo player base with the modularity, mobility and the ability to cloak, no mobile depots don’t count. That was mentioned way before upwells were a thing? CCP has a bad habit of forcing people to play together or requiring a group of people just to do something that could be done entirely with one person. to use structures you have to corp up or with any new feature ore compression for example multiboxing shouldn’t have to be a thing to do that for those of us that just want to solo efficiently we are completely ignored. Oh and where are we on the whole walking in stations/ships and captain’s quarters (I loved that feature really raised immersion.)

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The same thing that will happen with them: nothing. :confused:



It exists now only in Hilmar’s troll-tweets, alas.


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