Sig regeneration on wormhole systems

I have had an alt in a particular wormhole system (class 4) for months, just scouting it. As far as I know, it isn’t occupied. It has very little activity - just the odd day-tripper passing through once in a while. At any rate, this thing doesn’t generate sigs. I go into wormholes where sigs are stacked-up and scroll off the screen. But this one just keeps 4-5 sigs, nothing else. It never goes beyond that.

I never see anyone runnings sites or doing anything to keep the sigs trimmed back. It makes me think this particular wormhole doesn’t generate sigs, at least not beyond what it normally keeps.

Do all wormholes generate sigs at the same rate? Do all wormholes keep the same number of ‘max sigs,’ or do some wormholes have more than others (for instance, one wormhole can stack up 20-30 sigs, but another one can only max out at 7)? Finally, if there is a difference, is it based on anything, for instance the class of wormhole?

I think this is very linked to the “how the fck does CCP make sig spawn” question, which may or may not have found a correct answer.

I have heard that you can exhaust the spawning of sigs in a system if you crab too much and some wh corps prohibit crabing in home system because of that. If you see lots of sigs its probably a populated hole and in this case it looks like past residents crabed too much.

Maybe someone runs it when you leave. Or different timezone.

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