Signature versus EHP

I have a choice between three fits.

Fit 1:
Signature: 336
EHP: 31.6k

Fit 2:
Signature: 273 (-18.6% [1])
EHP: 28.7k (-9.2% [1])

Fit 3:
Signature: 246 (-26.8% [1], -9.9% [2])
EHP: 26k (-17.7% [1], -9.4% [2])

How do you compare a smaller signature with less EHP to a larger signature with more EHP?

It all depends on what you’re being attacked with and how that weapon system applies damage to your signature

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Assume an even distribution across both shield and armor resistances. Examples?

Let’s use missiles as an example. Ignoring speed for a minute, a meta 4 (T1) rapid light missile launcher with faction ammo has an explosion radius of 24m at max skills

Generally speaking, that means that it will apply full damage (again, ignoring speed) to anything with a 24 signature or higher.

A cruise raven however (T2, faction ammo) has an explosion radius of 425m. That means if your signature is below 425, you will take less damage (based on the missile formula).

All weapons systems have this idea incorporated in them. So, it is a question of how well the application signature of the weapon system compares to your signature.

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If your being attacked by rapid lights or drones then signature doesn’t really matter :confused: , in this meta ehp >

The implication being if I know I’ll be facing a lot of missiles with an explosion radius less than the smallest signature I can achieve then I should go with more EHP, whereas if I know the missiles will have a greater explosion radius then a smaller signature might be better?

Assume you could be facing anything. Would you tend to go with smaller signature or more EHP?

Because of the amount of rapid lights and drones around then EHP.

There are situations where less sig radius can be really nice, e.g. a Dramiel with Halos can get its sig below that of a light drone so it takes much less dps from anything, but generally the EHP works out better

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Just out of curiosity, what are those fits ? They seem to be very, very bad. I love doing sig / transversal tanks and my fits usually stand between 28-40k EHP @ 150ish sig, occasionally I’ll hit 170s, but mostly 150s. Yours seem to have very blown out sig for that EHP, there is something wrong here unless I misunderstood ?

Is your question along the lines of : How much EHP can I expect @ this sig range ? Or what should my sig be at this EHP range ?

If so, it varies greatly depending your skills, hull types, etc. But Like I said, I prefer all my cruisers to be around 30-40k EHP @150, occasionally up to 170 sig.

The only thing I occasionally fly that doesn’t follow this is a polarized Tengu. But it has a crapton of DPS and active tank, low EHP due to lack of resits from polarized weapons.

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I understand your confusion. I probably posted this in the wrong place. The fits in question are not PvP fits. They are more of the try to survive long enough to GTFO if attacked in a non-PvP ship variety.

My goal was to hear what folks had to say, in general, about signature versus EHP, and how to compare them. Not surprisingly, the answer is… (wait for it)… it depends. I don’t mean that in a negative way. The answers here have been very useful. I’m just not surprised.

My (perhaps meaningless) question is this. All other things being equal, and without knowing what you might be up against, would you tend to favor lower sig or higher EHP?

EHP in current meta :], If rapid lights are nerfed in the near future then Sig.

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that manner of question is senseless. Speed and enemy weapon play as much of a role as your defence.
E.G. Youre standing still, enemy uses cruise missiles - go fit 3 all the way.

To survive to GTFO you obviously need EHP. However, on an explo frig I go for align time and sometimes warpspeed 1st and foremost, neither sig nor EHP. On an explo T3C I go for utility with a bit of scan rez and ECM, rest is balanced. On a PVE Cruiser I go for a mix, balanced EHP + sig + DPS application. On a PVP cruiser I play to the ship’s strengths which varies with the ship and tend to go a lot lower on DPS since I like messing with people.

That’s just me though, other people will vary to what they like doing.

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