Silent Battlegrounds

So, I’ve read a lot about Silent Battlegrounds, but they seem to be exceedingly rare. My understanding is the loot is only ok, but I’m an explorer, and I want to find rare things! A couple questions:

  1. Can anyone confirm these are still in the game? I haven’t found any articles or posts about them since 2017.

  2. I know they can be found in the small ship shattered systems (A009) but I’ve seen comments that they can appear in any shattered system, even in C4-C6 (which would make them the only “safe” sites in those types of systems). Does anyone know for sure what systems they can be found in?

Thanks in advance!


I think it still exist. I found the silent battleground early 2018. Unfortunately the video is missing but it appeared as Level.5 signature, which is really difficult to scan down if I remember correctly. There were several pilots around there and none of them could scan it down eventually. I guess it requires perfect, or near perfect scanning skills + Covps 5.
Unfortunately I forgot which system it was. I’ll let you know if I find the video in my hard-disk somehow.


It requires 105 scan strength and a custom probe configuration. My custom probe config is the pinpoint then just hold down Ctrl while you move one probe to the center of the group, so all the probes cluster closer together.


Nice, good to know. I think my scan strength is 114, so I’m not extremely concerned about being able to scan it down, but I didn’t know where or if I should be looking for the site.

I know from Eve Uni that they are in small-ship shattered systems (A009), but I’ve seen talk that they can be found in ANY shattered system. Since I typically stay out of C4-C6 WHs except to find connections, it would be good to know if I should be looking for C4-C6 shattereds and scanning down other sites in there to see if I can find the Silent Battleground.

Thanks for the replies!


I’ve been running around wormholes for about one year now, and even if it might not be as much as older players, I still have seen some stuff. And the Silent Battleground is amount those I have yet to see…

Apparently the sites are set on a timer, like Ghost Sites. But with all the containers they have inside, it could make for some worthwhile search.

Maybe in a Sansha’s wormhole you’ll have more chances to find it ?

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Quite possibly, and to be honest I haven’t been in a Sansha’s wormhole yet, I’ve only been in a handful of shattered systems, and only one small ship shattered system. I don’t have nearly the sample size to give up, but figured if someone KNEW the sites were or were not in the game, it might save me some time and allow me to turn my attentions elsewhere.

I think they are on a timer, although I don’t think you have to worry about NPCs–my understanding is the sites simply despawn after a certain amount of time, with all cans exploding (but dealing no damage, so like failing a hack in faction sites).

The mere possibility of the existence of super rare sites like this exponentially increases how much I enjoy Exploration, so I hope the sites are still around.


They still exist, so far I’ve actually only found them in shattered C4s. I didn’t even realise they could show up in other classes.

The loot is okay-ish, if you want to hack everything be prepared for several hours of hacking (or bring friends) and bring a mobile depot to temporarily store loot in (it won’t fit in your cargo hold several times over) when done bring in a hauler to loot the depot.

Actually no, shattered wormholes can have sites from one class above or below them, so you’ll occasionally find pirate faction data/relic sites in a shattered C4.


Did not know that, thanks!

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any shattered wh’s, including thera, except drifter hives.

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Found one!

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Found one in a C5 Shattered. I cant scan it down yet. I just get to 93.5%


I thought I would comment here as I found one today! Found it in a C1 Shattered WH. Failing a hack multiple times does not blow up the can like in a normal data/relic site.

My Haul was 337 mil half from 2 Sleeper sheets 75 mil each and the rest in T3 sleeper BP for invention.
Total m3 count was roughly 400

Probably once in a lifetime find. But totally worth it the wreck looks amazing.
Bookmarked the last can I hacked for nostalgia if I ever find that WH again.

Edit: GL finding them they are quite cool!


I just want to update this with the fact that I have found my second Silent Battleground. Now with 212mil in loot in a C4 Shattered WH.

There is a can named “talcom” something that is more valuable than all the rest and not all sites have it. I am unaware if my first site had it but my second didnt. I found that out through a friend.

Total m3 count 600 this time.

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If you have the cash, consider investing into a low-grade virtue set.

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