Simple stats question.....not so simple answer?

So is there a way to check a pilots kills by sorting them by the kills they did in each corp? By that I mean a simple number tally. I know you query zkill by character & corp using this:

But it still shows stats like it would normally. Now I could just count them up but thats just silly in this day and age…is there a way to just list the kill number or add the kills up for you?

You can use the Top-all-time feature, e.g.,

I did see that but what does this mean:

Next all time top lists recalculation will happen shortly after 970 kills has been reached.

Well, I’m no @Squizz_Caphinator but what I believe it means is:

It isn’t going to update topstats for every last kill, probably because it would be too expensive (performance wise) for the database to retabulate every player’s top-stats every time they changed, so it’s going to do an update every so many kills, instead. So your top stats will be missing your most recent activity until you reach the threshold to trigger a recalculation.

got it, thanks.

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