Standing and killright icon/color

I am looking for a way to keep track of known gankers.
Currently I am giving them a red standing to keep track of them.
However, I would also like to know whether they have a killright available on them.
It seems that the red standing is ‘overwriting’ the killright icon/color.

Is there a way to keep track of certain pilots (gankers), while still being able to see easily whether they have killrights available on them?

Thank you for your help!

Did you check in the overview settings if the “pilot has a kill right” icon has higher priority than the “bad standings” ? You can change the priority. In the Z-S overview pack, as an example, kill right comes before bad and poor standings. Simply drag it to a new position.

You have to be on the same grid as that pilot for the icon to be seen at all.

If so, and standings still over-write killright, I’d suggest a bug report

An extra tool you can use for keeping track, besides giving them a poor/bad standing, is to give them a label via your “Contacts” - although this will require you to consult the contacts list, which is not handy in most situations.

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Thanks! Will try it out

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