Simulated Pyfa Fits and Routding

I’m just wondering if there rounding is done correctly in Pyfa. For example, in most rounding procedures, the choices are typically round to the nearest or truncating.

So something like 31.234 MW, if we only display 1 decimal place the closest is 31.2 MW and truncation also brings it to 31.2 MW. If our true value was 31.27 MW, closest is 31.3 and truncation is 31.2. If we display 2 decimal places and start with a true value of 13.0001 seconds, both methods will display 13 seconds. If we display 3 decimal places and the true value of tatraflops is 300.0000713, both methods display 300.

The thing is, those might be the regular ways to round, but I don’t think the game works that way. If the true value is over 300 tf and modules exceed 300 tf, they can’t all be used. And an align time of 13.0001 seconds will not align in 13 seconds. So if I see a fit in Pyfa that says soemthing uses 300 tf or aligns in 13 seconds, do they round the same way EVE does, or do they round the normal way? If they choose a normal rounding method, a fit with a Pyfa simulated align time of 13 seconds could either be 13 seconds becuase the true value was already 13, or 14 because of rounding.

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You’re best to post this in the pyfa thread, most people here have very little experience with it.

Having said that, I use pyfa extensively and have almost never had issues with fits not working out, it does happen but pretty much never. Most of the time when it feels wrong it’s because I had a skill set wrong or forgot about some implant or whatever.

Beyond that, align times get rounded UP always due to how the server works. So if align time is 13,0001 it’s actually 14.

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