Since they Locked the topic on the changes coming April 15

So, the devs and the mods didn’t get the supportive response to these upcoming changes on April 15, so they locked the thread, go figure.

These changes are not going to have the effect CCP invasions it is going to kill brawl fighting and make everyone turn into a bunch of kitey risk adverse pansies asses.

Everything these changes bring will make Amarr and Gallente ships get mothballed, because no way is an armor ship ever going to be kitey unless you give them a huge bonus to afterburner/mwd. Rather than nerf the the mods put a negative resist effect to all capital ships and reduce the bonus to remote repair faxes get and make it so they can only fit capital remote repair mods that can only be used on capital ships and repairable structures.

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No, they locked the thread to clean up the off topic whining and crying from people who didn’t read the devblog.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Surgical Strike – Coming 15 April

I was typing a reply when i hit post I got " topic closed" message not a temp closed message since I was already in the middle of a response when it closed I should have been able to post, or at least given a message saying it will post when thread reopens.

Inb4 lock rich kids crying over reduced cap capabilites, its time everything was re-balanced that would also include my ship as well. CCP have pulled a blinder and I hope they continue to shake everything up.

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Um, what? You do know that short range T2 ammo is getting a 15% damage buff and that the Deimos is getting an additional ship-specific buff, right?

Wait… you mean to tell me they were not this already??


Huh, guess this didn’t close correctly. That said, closed, please use the main feedback thread. Thanks.