Since when does multi-plex accounts are considered being run by a Space Hippy?

When accounts are kept active via plex and maintained via skill extraction month after month is somehow being considered as or becoming some form of “Space Hippy!”

Are these just a new term of reference being dug up out of the box of jealousy or had New Eden been secretly housing many so call Space Hippies?

Now there are comments found on these very forums from pilots that like to hold close to their chest about what good old Jita hosts and the skill point farmers out there, but that is just a function of game play right?.

Should the curtains be pulled back or forever kept shut?

@Runa_Yamaguchi love honeybun he’s back :point_up_2:


LOL…It’s like the giving tree…the joy just keep being spread!


Oh no! Poor iceacid! :frowning:

…Another tragic case of what happens when one huffs ice asteroid fumes too long… :cry:


Perhaps if you spent less money on drugs you could buy an omega account and wouldn’t have to keep begging CCP for free stuff.


And what of the Space Cowboy?

Well Space Cowboy and Cowgirl are highly respected citizens of New Eden I’d imagine.

I’d always thought Signal Cartel were called Space Hippies but for a different reason.

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@Runa_Yamaguchi it has come to my attention that you aren’t the only girl Frostpacker has been giving the finger… he’s unfaithful!

Place Your Bets! Which ISD will be the one to close this thread?

  • ISD Dorrim “Vice Admiral Batman” Barstorlode
  • ISD Lord “Freshmeat Sergeant Robin” Arranoth
  • ISD Generic/Other/Whoever/Whatever

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I thought it might all just be words…but it still hurts…


Well you are not the first to had broken me. Cheer up as this thread is larger than a single picture.

I am pleased to have found the reference to that and it even brings a smile to my dial.
SIGNAL CARTEL – A Home for Peaceful Explorers

This right here clears everything I needed to have cleared in this thread.

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