Back after 10 year absence

alot"s changed, any hints as to corps, alliances to join?
Who is up to what out there?

When CPP cutted out the little piece of brain, they let me keep in jar. I call him Jeremy. Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy, Jeremy!

Jeremy only eats the PLEX, so I buy lots of PLEX for Jeremy to eat. Jeremy is best friend. We mine together and it all am is happy. I love the purple. :slightly_smiling_face:


i have a question …

Hi. Please take me back to 2011.

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Well there is a huge war going on between Goonswarm Federation and more or less the rest of Eve. So you have Goonswarm fed. and its allies vs. Legacy coalition and friends (Test, Brave, Panfam, Northern coalition etc.).

Legacy is trying to remove goons from the game, goons do not like that. And that’s more or less what most of the game is about these days. In nullsec anyway. And it provides a lot of content for both sides, which is fun. Regardless of which side you are on.

I’m on the Legacy side (Warped Intentions alliance). If that sounds interesting do give me a shout in-game or otherwise, would be happy to have a talk with you.

I have contracted you some PLEX for Jeremy. I love these little guys, i hope CCP will let me have one too some day. They are just so cute!

In game message sent

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