Single Core Sol Server

I simply can get to the point where there are answers that CCP knows the problems and they have hardware in place and etc. but in the end we jumped into the worst lagfest ever.

This makes me sad. There goes that push for that idea. Securing clients to get client computers to pass load wouldve been handy in the long run. More people in system, more CPU and computing power to work with on a 1:1 basis.

Ahh well back to the drawing board.:thinking:

From the TQ T3 blog it looks like the standard nodes have a higher clock speed than the enhanced. and from what falcon was saying on the INN broadcast of the fight it sounded like the dedicated node stats are current. I know clock speed isn’t the only thing when it comes to performance but the numbers on the chip look close enough I’d guess it is relevant. Are there any CPUs out there that are pushing clock speed? as said it seems most are going for more cores but that doesn’t seem to be a help for a reinforced node.

Standard SOL Nodes: 30x IBM x240 - Intel E5-2637-V3 CPU @ 3.5GHz CPU with 64GB RAM (2133MHz)

Enhanced SOL Nodes: 6x IBM x240 – Intel E5-2667 v3 CPU @ 3.2GHz with 128GB RAM (2133MHz)

Er… the big reinforced fights are homed on the “Everest” nodes, which are not the same thing as the enhanced nodes, and the specs are not disclosed.

ugh. No, it’s not because of legacy code, or even the programming language… They’ve gone through and figured out what it would take to multi-thread Dogma. The problem is that it would take more processing to coordinate the multithreading than would be gained in doing the multithreading to begin with. They already sort of multithread what can be done. They offload all non-dogma stuff to dedicated nodes where it won’t slow the simulation. And fleet fights are forever going to be about the same experience as they are now, which is pretty much the same experience as they’ve always been. It’s an unavoidable side effect of being a single shard sandbox.

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No we did not…

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good call, I just kinda assumed that they said there were 6x Everest nodes and 6x enhanced nodes and that matched up, but looking again it says Everest nodes: NDA for TQ T2 and N/A for TQ T3 so it looks like it’s an unknown.

Its hard for those who dont know how to do it.

But it IS hard if a MMO is supposed to have, what was it called, “events happening in the right sequence”. All the players send data to the server about their actions and movements, the server sorts it and sends results back to them. If stuff was really multi-threaded you’d need some extra layer to control that the important results aren’t sent back and forth in the wrong order. Without it play would be like having lag except you’d have it all the time.

Blizzard (with massive resources) can’t or won’t do this, what resources does CCP have to create what’s needed?

Whoa, this got way more answers that I was expecting! To be clear I wasn’t having a go, I work in IT and have dabbled in a bit of development including trying to parallelise things and I understand how hard it is so I wasn’t intending this to come across as a shrill demand! I was literally asking if there was a show stopper and if so what is it because I am interested in the technology.

From as technical a perspective as my memory has retained:

I’m sure there’s an old devblog on it, or at least a dev post, or at worst a fanfest presentation (worst because they are impossible to find what you’re looking for) where the dev goes into why no multithreading for Dogma (the engine that handles anything “physical” in EVE.) Everyone sharing the same space needs to have their actions resolved in the order they were issued (a destroyed ship still shooting is bad.) To make it all happen in the proper order, there still has to be a central scheduler that also takes CPU cycles, and is still limited by the performance of the core it is running on. When CCP did their evaluations, it turned out the central scheduler would have a ton of overhead. The reason being, most individual calculations done by the server are extremely small, lag-inducing load comes from the sheer number of simple calculations. I don’t remember precisely what the results were, but they were something like multithreading having minimal performance improvement overall, or even actually making things worse.

We haven’t had a devblog from the performance team in a really long time. Like 2 years I think? I think I heard they still have a performance team. It would be interesting to hear an updated State of the Server report.

really? fan fest and the showing of EVE VR begs to differ

  • Fanfest… the same place where people applauded crimewatch 2.0 that brought shenanigans to a minimum.
  • Fanfest… the same place where people appluaded jump fatigue.
  • Fanfest… the same place where people applauded many things people seem to be complaining about such as VR and all the other spin-off instead of focusing on the core EVE gameplay and fixing all these little things that have been outstanding for a long time. Such the removal of stuff like watch lists because somebody in null is being watched when he logs in because he flies an expensive ship. No alternative nothing. In part causing the wardec issues people are complaining about now.

A percentage of players does not make the eve player base. but… I will update my though processes that when people cheer and clap hands because they are to drunk to understand what is breaking or happening or, just swepped up in the moment before they put 2 and 2 together as “it is good shyte”. :slight_smile:

Granted new things need to come out but not at the expense of the frustration of the player base.

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This is actually spot on the money…lock contention is a common issue with multi-threaded applications of all sorts.

I think that people at Fanfest are just drunk.

They’d applaud for anything.

–Gadget will be at home this year… and sober (mostly) :cry:


nah i’ve been to it a few times and remember booing some stuff, some stuff i just sat in silence with shock.

sov changes, room was rather quiet i remember, apart from a few drunks screaming at everything lol usually goons and their little sqeaky bee toys, not the best thing to listen too after 1 hour sleep and still hanging like crazy.

war dec changes, could hear lots saying lol and why an so on, with a few saying that’s war decs fecked.

player gates, yea everyone lost their minds to that, which is understandable, still where is that now?

VR same ■■■■, everyone thought wow, VR units on site for all to try, big push on the VR that year, lots loved it but lots also got how crap it would be to sit with one of them on your head for more than an hour, if ya smoke, forget it, if ya want to drink forget it, want to look at your keyboard or second screen, forget it, yup it’s a gimmeck is what most the lads and ladies i was hanging with said.

DUST, yea everyone was excited, lots played it at the harpa, lots liked it. but lots also said hmmmmm, playstation, really? can’t see it lasting pissing time, and guess what :wink:

can’t but agree there are lots drunk at the event, but meh, when in rome :wink:

I’m gonna go with drunk and cold. The combination of ‘easily impressed’ and ‘constantly shivering because Iceland’ has got to contribute to some degree. It’d be like having Parkinsons and epilepsy at the same time.

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