Single email - How do I Multibox?

I have 5 marketing mails in my inbox just for May (Siege Green, Fanfest Wrapped, EVE Anywhere for Alphas, Do more with united accs, 2 for1). Last September it was 7, August the same. You sure you are subscribed to the same marketing mails? Because I get lots more than just 1 per month. Most of it is trash, like promos and marketing scams, but they also send important info via this mail like an info about the new mac client, event starter mails, new quadrant announcement or EVE anywhere or Siege Green going live.


Maybe you would receive less marketing mails if you actually bought the stuff they advertise. :wink: Take the hint and be a good capsuleer, cough up those real life iskies and consume as CCP intended. :stuck_out_tongue:

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