Singularity Accessibility Update

Why cant you do that in TQ? I know plenty of streamers who actually do it on TQ

I am tired of answering this - look I just wrote it…
“It also means I may have to discontinue telling my story on Eve which I used SISI to recreate combat events along with my friends’ help.”

Just reeks of “Dev alt account”. Doesn’t it? :rofl:

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Some players attempt to ask others to accept that they are the definition of true players and the right way to play the game, and those who isn’t following is not a player and is applied with their ugly words. But that is a lie. I would say the game does not ask you to only learn from their way. There aren’t such rules for learning, everyone is allowed to learn by any methods, with and without the game on. Risk and losing assets is not required.

The truth is, the future of SISI doesn’t matter for them, it is just their humiliating revel that roming between many different topics and SISI is just one of them, they can start this in anywhere by saying “they are the definition of true players”. They did the same thing to the topic of suicide ganking. This is simply because they enjoy seeing strangers harmed, and they will feel pain for not doing it, or there isn’t an explanation for their weird behavior.

My suggestion is just don’t care what they are going to say, as they are unable to read ideas that are against what they wrongly assumed, which eliminated all points to talk with them. Just point to CCP only with your words about SISI, since they are the people who actually made decisions.

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I’m a bit sad, but I get it. Testserver got way out of hand.
Singularity was the last thread connecting me to the game and with it gone, after 15 years, I am finally free.

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This is the lamest news I have read in quite a while. I was looking forward to finally trying out some things I can never afford to do in game. why even have a test server at this point, just close it for good so we can all forget about it instead of stringing us along like this.


не могу войти в аккаунт на Singularity?

If i had to suggest something in exchange for participation in mass tests it would be allowing omega players who participate in mass tests a pass of a few hours to test things. It would bring those who wanna try out stuff into the mass tests increasing participation rate and the other people who already came would come back. I know the test server wasn’t intended for this purpose but some people already did things the way it was meant to be and those that didn’t do them that way well… i see many comments here saying the goal of the game is to get close to reality in finances and all but some of us wanna play the game too, starting in those days is insanely hard without having played before. Not only would new players have their training in their factions cut out, but the main issue is the opportunity problem. That’s what i was getting to, the people who played the game early had an advantage in learning the game early on, it’s all fun and games killing newbies trying to play but globally it mostly means that singularity was the thing that allowed those that couldn’t learn from day one to train to a half decent level, the things are different in singularity and tranquility, it’s not for playing that people head to sisi, but for testing, testing is a wide range of stuff, when people test they will however eventually find the bugs, more people there are the best it is. My point is a bit spread out but it’s already know that eve online ain’t a game for beginners, but if no one starts playing anymore or the game content being played or attempted is reduced this game could end up dying out. It obviously won’t happen anytime soon as this is a pretty big and awesome game, but this change is just once more giving a better chance to those who were there before it. The newcomers ain’t given the same chance if services that helped older players ain’t available to them. I’m really sorry if this is phrased weirdly, if someone wanna summarize feel free to do so I’m sorry I wasn’t quite sure which way to put it. It just kinda saddens me to see that thing happen right before my eyes… content creators, people who enjoy finding bugs, testing weird stuff, messing around and all, I’m not alone who doesn’t like these changes, a few are resisting and saying this wasn’t the way of playing but… there’s no “way of playing” in a sandbox game, the sandbox part is precisely something thats gonna die out with that change… when people get into the unknown, they get scared, then start to follow guidelines and avoid straying from them… singularity wasn’t used for playing the game without a scare, it was used to break the limits and the fears of the unknown, which is what makes us find bugs, sure, people use it to train rookies or whatever, but if these rookies come back, they’ll be ur next bug finders. If u heard me out, thx, if u helped summarize thx, if u hated what i said and wanna attack me about it, sry, but… pls have someone hear out what I say one way or another. Dun even know what a “sisi warrior” is and I don’t really wanna know, people used that for a thousand and one purposes and then transposed it to tq, which helped the game, probably the rookies a lot too, many guides were probably created from sisi, we need sisi back, even if we gotta work for it or pay an appropriate price


Ever hear of paragraphs?


sorry about that, and about the paragraphs… well, that text’s kinda got all the stuff I wanted to say mixed and tangled up together so I didn’t find a way to separate it properly… sry again…

This is a terrible decision. Forcing new players to put all the risk against players with 20 years of experience strongly reduces the accessibility of the game. It doesn’t matter the intent of the service that is how it was used. It is even still recommended on youtube channels, eve-university, and nearly every other fan site out there. Why spend so much time and effort on the NPE if the intent is to make this game only accessible for old-heads and those with thousands in disposable income. Everyone wants ships to blow up, but the more you read these threads it appears they don’t want to win in PVP and get the kills they also want their targets to suffer. I can’t imagine any company intentionally chose to cater to the most sadistic customers. Make it fun make it easy and there will be thousands willing to go out into space.


Toooooooo bad!
Give Singularity back to us!

The hope is that by focusing testing on new features we can limit the number of bugs that reach Tranquility.

uhuh… most those low sec standing issues would of been found really quickly on test server, long before they got to live.

They were caught by CCP before the mass test actually. However deadlines had to be met and fixes take time to fix.

Don’t bring logic to my whining.

Completely understand of course, just let me cry about not having a test server :pray:

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I think this is in the wrong, I would like to test some fits I do not have enough isk to test, or some that require omega. I do somewhat agree with ccp’s choice because of the people acting like it’s a playground

If players used that server for 20 years to train, why was it changed one day? I’ve just started playing the game more or less seriously and wanted to get into abyssals. Every other guide says to me: Train it on Singularity; you need experience and will die a lot otherwise.

If I farm for the fit for it for 2 weeks and die because of a room I haven’t seen yet, it makes it really sad. Older players already have all the experience in the world, trained abysses on Singularity, and have large ISK banks. New players got none of that. How can one start playing even remotely as good if you can’t even get the experience of such hard content on Singularity? I guess the only solution is to buy a lot of Plex, sell it, and explode your ships in the abyss? Well done.


Yeah, this is disappointing from an old players perspective as well. I’ve played on and off since 2004, and it’s been years since I really played seriously. I normally use the test server to get my bearings, play around with new stuff, and figure out what’s changed when I come back after a break.

Really disappointing to see this.


Yea stopped playing eve because i cant waste billions in the Abyss without a test server. Was ready for it , paying more real money but now…this is game over.


Boo hoo

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