Singularity closed for public testing

And CCP can run a business without customers? Good one.

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plz ccp no matter what are you testing please bring it back as soon as you can.
I really need to test in the test server.


that isn’t even a valid response.
the test server is there for CCP to test features bug fixes etc. they allow us access to it as well, but it’s a privilege, not a right. they can turn it off at will, allow access or not, as they see fit. nowhere in the eula or game rules do they say that “players have the right to use all of our testbeds for your own use, and you can cry about it on our forums”.
PLAY. THE. GAME. Or not.
fun fact, it’s on Tranquility.

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I never said that test server it’s a right.
I am completly ok if ccp shut down the server permantly. But it is curcial for me to not know the day that the server that opens therefore it’s diffcult for me to my my furthur skill training plan.
I will figure other ways if the server is permanently down, but it was on few weeks ago, my post only represents the how desperate I want it back if possible, and that 's it. No hatred to ccp or anyone. In fact, I love ccp about thety provide the opportunity about test server and I deeply understand that features should be tested before it will be shown to players. Like I said before, I am simply showing how much I want it back, nothing abut “play the game or not…”. Sorry for the misunderstanding

I’d very much like Sisi to come back up.
As an Abyssal Runner I usually test my fits before welping them on TQ.
That’s why I’m grinding T4’s with a T5 fit that’s not Sisi-proof yet.

I’m cool with it though I’m sure Sisi wil come back up soon enough but I bet tonight they probably have better things to do than wondering about bringing it back up, TQ being DDos’d and all… :slight_smile:

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remember testing takes some time,from few hours to even month and more.

anyway sisi is back online


Are you daft?

So what?

Do you realize EVE Online is one of the very few (if not the only one) MMORPG that lets players have access to a test server almost at all times ?

You’re paying to have access to Tranquility and that’s it.
Consider Singularity as a huge bonus to every subs.
I’m not sure you realize how big Sisi is tbh.

You test new features and bug hunt to help out CCP true, but also :

  • Try new fits in a safe environment that doesn’t impact your TQ’s wallet. Imagine if people would try fits worth billions live and fail. Sisi is a failsafe and that alone is a ridiculous advantage.
  • Have fun without the constant threat you’d lose a ship and it’d actually matter.

So yeah, just as @Pretty_Funny said, this is indeed a very nice privilege.


monday knocking sisi doors,should be opened today…

remember sisi used to have no deadspace/faction mods seeded,only t1 t2 storyline modules,that was pain in hull,then we get faction mods to market and later deadspace mods,modules that worth 1bil for 100 isk,thats huge difference,testing on singularity you lose practically notthing,get it? notthing but 100 isk item but singularity is their testing ground and we are only allowed to enter it and participate in THEIR tests,we can test ships fits modules pvp/pve/sov stuff or even mining.

thanks to singularity so i was able to simulate citadel manufacturing in wormhole class 1 from fortizar to keepstar,i didnt need to buy parts for 100 isk,just tatara 10 rorqual alts and simulate all process from mining to production.,i really wanted to test how much manpower was nessecary to build rorqual,fortizar,keepstar or capital ships,all done for science. thanks to singularity. on singularity we can test nearly all things and i dont see why people bother when sisi is down for few days,they need to fix problems and need take sisi down,we cant complain about it because its their job to fix bugs that we find.

what is real singularity problem?

  1. citadel spam in combat arenas,they should be prohibited from anchoring in these locations

  2. ganking supers/titans in non combat systems

  3. asset removal from wormhole space should not happen to citadel owner.

  4. when you are docked in wormhole citadel on TQ and sisi is taking mirror from TQ,on sisi you are auto-moved to syndicate nullsec for odd reasons so you cannot test stuff on your own wormhole on sisi- workaround is to have undocked scan alts.

  5. FOBs/Shipyards are removed,they should stay

  6. lack of trig rats on sisi.

when will sisi open again?

they will open when they want to open it

i dont think point 3 would be possible … since sisi takes a snapshot of the current status of TQ … if theres nothing there on TQ … why would it be then on sisi after the snapshot o_o … imagine someone placed a station on TQ at the same spot … and then 2 stations are merged into 1 station cause same spot … i know thats incredibly unrealistic but … it could happen xD

<Knock’s on the SISI barn door.>

It is opened. I tried logging in and I spend a couple abyssal filaments there, so far everything seems normal.

People using Sisi as a risk-averse environment to practice their PvE and PvP skills is a problem that even CCP acknowledged by not seeding filaments when Abyssal space was introduced, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for Sisi as the server where bugs are found and eliminated before being released in live environment on TQ. Oh, well, nevermind, they really aren’t and you should ignore this silly post of mine.

you can still find filaments on data sites so seeding them was unnesecary

I think he means the other way around.

When a TQ mirror is deployed on Sisi, certain assets are deleted from the new mirror. The reasoning behind deleting these things is to limit the value of Sisi as a tool to gather intel on people and their space assets.


The process of “mirroring” consists of taking an exact copy of the Tranquility database, including character and account data, like a snapshot. This copy is then processed by the CCP Deployment team and all starbases are removed, in order to prevent players from spying on their positions and then using this information on the live server. Basic moon minerals are available in all moons, to help testing and prevent moon scouting on the test server.

Those are not the only changes. You can read the source link if you would like the complete set of details.

You’re probably right. I’ve only been using it since it was opened.

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