Singularity downtime 2022-10-20, 2022-10-24

As I am sure that questions will pop up very soon: Singularity has been taking down temporarily while we are working on fixing an issue with missing anomalies and signatures.

I hope this will not take too long and you can login again soon.


Is this related to the 3D elements not rendering? (if not will bug report)

Singularity is back online and anomalies and signatures should be working again.

Unfortunately station and structure hangars are broken in this build and are not rendering (just showing the space background). We will fix this tomorrow.

@Pokeimane Which 3D elements are not rendering? If it is unrelated to station hangars, then please send a bug report about it.

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3d elements in space, such as background and models. Will send in a bug report

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Singularity has been updated once more and station hangars should be fine again :slight_smile:

Singularity will be closed to the public for the next few hours to run some internal tests and will open again afterwards.

And Singularity is back open again.

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