Singularity server status (and other 'test' servers)

What is the status of the Test Servers?
My launcher shows two; Singularity and Thunderdome. I’ve never been able to connect to Thunderdome, but I use Singularity to test various ‘new’ strategies from time to time.

CCP’s Server Status page shows that recently Singularity has only been up occasionally (without any explanations).

Is there a schedule for Singularity available?

There is an explanation:

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Thanks, that information is not available on the server status page.

That being said, September occurred over 4 months ago. It would be nice if Singularity was made available again, as it has been in the past. For my requirements, there is no urgent need to ensure it is mirroring the latest Tranquility state, though the less discrepancy the better.

Don’t think it’s gonna happen…

I’m more optimistic, but that’s just me.

I see that Serenity is up with 4000+ people logged in.
What is the purpose of it?
How can we log in, since it doesn’t show in the Launcher’s server selection list?

It’s the server cluster for mainland China.


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