Singularity Update - New Mining & Compression Changes now live

This is the Endurance in Tranquility. With three Frostline Omnivores and a Yeti Implant. 45.56sec cycle time. UNBOOSTED. Baseline Ice Mining Laser is 5 minutes plus. Actually really good under boost its down to 22-26sec. Depending on location I think you can go lower with Supermetaliminal Storms with the 10% to 25% mining speed bonuses.

So why would you take this nightmare? Same ship with more Frostline Omnivores +4 now. And Yeti. And its nearly 105 sec? And the dang thing if with a T2 Ice Mining Laser loses 1 out of 3 ICE per sets cycled. I was using an ORE Ice Mining Laser.

And did CCP have a stroke and forget Winter Nexus uses Ice Mining systems? This will be a disaster for Winter Nexus Ice Mining Event for the Miners!

Do not tweak the Endurance like this. Its a bad idea period. Also the current concept of Endurance directly competes with all the Exploration ships and can out fight and gun an Astero!

The Holds need to be 15,000m3 ICE and ORE. If you give it a gas hold you need to give it a gas harvesting bonus in yield.

The Drones make sense when it helps boost the mining or defense of the ship. I can understand boosting that, but then you are making a mini-barge.

Do not change the Endurance.

The Prospect needs work…but gas yield needed to differentiate it from the Venture. The changes are not good either.

Prospect and Endurance can also be fitted aggressively to contest sites versus explorers. Which is not the intent of these ships.

And the Expeditions are to be the solo miners friend, why are they being destroyed? They were pretty well balanced just needed some tweaks.

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Please don’t take out waste. Please don’t cater to the whiners. I am excited about this, and look forward to the emergent game play opportunities that it will provide.


sorry, but my common sense does not accept it.
A1 - you need T2 module and a crystal to be equal to T1 module. strange, but its ccp
C-crystals offensive? well, if you bring a group/fleet to destroy ore - and there is no difference in time compare to mining - why just not to mine enemy ore?

First I would say I really like these new changes but as everyone else I would like to see some tweaks if possible.

Compressing ore is now very different dependning on what ore you compress, since it counts the units and not m3.

If you compress 40k veldspar vs 40k plagio you get 4k m3 veldspar or 15k m3 plagio. A fully boosted covetor with B-crystals will produce more than 3k m3 per minute, so if you have two covetors you can’t compress fast enough if they mine veldspar, but if they switch to plagio you can support 5 covetors per Orca.

After playing around with the numbers I got the following:
If you have a storage of 28.5k m3 for A-type asteroids and you can compress more than one charge at a time. You can fill it with 7 loads 28.4k veldspar, 3 loads 24,3k scordite, 2 loads 24,3k pyroxes and 2 loads 28.4k plagio. This would make it more equal and veldspar wouldn’t be considered “bulky” for compression.

Or make the size of the rock influence the compress timer. So compressing veldspar is 3.5 times faster than plagio. That way I can only compress 4k m3 veldspar compared to 15k m3 plagio, but since it goes 3.5 times faster it’s not an issue anymore.

Haven’t looked into the bigger rocks, but I think the overall time for compressing ore shouldn’t be a big factor. I shouldn’t have to sit outside a station for hours after the mining event is over compressing ore, it should be done when the mining op is over.

If you take a look at this, I would suggest you think of it as in, how many mining ships should a porpoise, orca and rorqual be able to handle for a mining fleet. If they are fully boosted, with perfect skills and B-type crystals.

More types of charges for the foreman boosts, one that minimizes waste and one that increases it. So if there is really precious ore that you want to mine, you can use that boost too. And that would mean that you can’t get all the boost on just one ship, so two or three boosting ships for a descent size mining fleet makes sense. Ofc the minimize waste also decreases the yield slightly, but would make the waste with B crystals on par with A crystals, but with better yield in total.

And the opposite, increasing waste so you can either clean out your own anomolies you don’t want or screw over your enemy with waste galore.

Also need more highslots on the orca, and the cpu to fit tractor beam, indy core and compress plus boosts. And if I can get the same range as the boosts with the tractor beam when I’m in indy mode that would help a lot in draging the cans to the orca during moon mining ops.

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I don’t know if its been reported or if this is working as intended, but typically with T2 mining lasers you mine less if it is not the correct ore. This was missed on the Type C crystals so now you can burn a huge amount of ore if you use the wrong class crystals.

For example, I have a common asteroid Type C 1 loaded and I could mine uncommon ore at 1195.12m3 per cycle and have a waste multiplier of 18 @ 74% probability. Not the 298.78m3 that I would have with common ore. That comes out to 186m3/s on average in a Skiff, unboosted.

hmm… doesn’t matter then type of station your in… inside any station r-click leave ship doesn’t work… you have to exit station, eject from ship and dock pod in station… MAJOR pain in da ass… plz fix

ok I have not logged into the SISI server before

so I just change it to Singularity from TQ on the launcher ???


regarding endurance specifically, I like the change to a more aggressive styling, but do agree it needs to be more capable in the mining department.

Frankly, the ‘intent of a ship class’ is what the devs ultimately say it is though.

As for me, I’d never fly an endurance worth more than 150m isk, even currently, for ops, and that won’t change. of course, some do, but not my thing. So… I think we’ll agree to disagree a bit.

Prospect does need some work for sure

Possible suggestion for this update to make things a bit more involved or interesting, since it seems like waste is going to be a thing. Why not add a role or training bonus to the mining command ships that give target painters a waste reduction equal to 100% (or 20% per skill rank) of their signature bonus?

In short, if a mining command ship targrts an asteroid and uses a target painter on it, waste % for anyone that targets the asteroid is reduced by the signature bonus. T1 mining lasers would roughly go from 100% waste to 70%, R2 from 35% to 21%, etc. This would require active involvement, and very much fit the ‘mining foreman’ role. Thpugh I’d suggest making it so only the highest signature reduction bonus applies, and all others on the same target be ignored.

Just a possible suggestion. Would be an interesting concept.

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A bit of feedback: Please allow the compression modules to charge minerals/ice/gas from the specialized holds, it took me a while to realize I had to move stuff in the main hold. It is not intuitive at all and it really doesn’t make much sense

Not directly a bug, but I just noticed that and thought I report it as you´re currently working on the mining ships.
On the Endurance the info window shows bonuses to “Ore Mining”, while on the Prospect it shows the bonus as “Mining”. That makes it look like as there is a difference, especially to a newcomer. Should be worded the same in all cases

report it as a bug on the test server F12 in game… thats the “support ticket” as well as bug reporting for the test server.

New Mobile Ice compression Unit A I module on the Rorqual isn’t allowing the loading of Clear Icicle, from either cargo bay or the ice hold. I have tried the right click as was recommended with the Ore modules.

All 3 ice modules do not show an Ammo capacity within the fitting window, which the Asteroid module does slotted next to it.

We had similar problems other day with Orca, but it cleared after update.

Might be the same issue. Send a bug report through for it.

Not a bug report more some kind of feetback, due to the sheer amount of compressing units and industrial cores gobbling up the highslots effectifly killing any possible support beside boosts it would be nice if they were removed from highs to a seperate T3 likeish system.
where e.g. the porpoise has 2 slots one for the industrial core and 1 for a compressing unit while orca provides 3 slots and rorqs 4+.
that way you would open up high sloty for support utility wich those ships are ment to provide but can´t after the current intended changes because of the lack of highslots and fitting room.

Cara Lube
where e.g. the porpoise has 2 slots one for the industrial core and 1 for a compressing unit

porp cant fit compact industrial core, its for orca only. 2 slots would be enough for medium sized ship imo.

You are absolutly right, had allready made a step further in my mind where these additional slots would have been granted through the industrial core while writing my first post.

Ice Hold is not recognized when turning in for a mining mission asking for Ice.

  • Also… The mission pocket needs double the size of the rocks, if not more. The waste mechanism can destroy some rocks entirely with T1 (and T2 if unlucky with that 34% probability). So in some missions where the rocks are small, doubling the size won’t be enough to mitigate the wastage…

Obviously, I used ORE Ice harvester for the mission mining agent to avoid wastage.

  • Also, the Strip miner / Ice harvester sound keeps running in the station. And even if I switch to a non mining ship… I need to not only switch ship, but also undock to have the sound disappear.

Is the Mackinaw supposed to be able to use gas harvesters ?
It has a huge gas hold, so I would expect to be able to fit one, but if I have the Hull Restriction filter on, I won’t find the gas harvesters in the fitting window, and if I uncheck that filter, it won’t allow me to add it to the fit.

If it is not suppose to use gas harvesters, why the hold? These ships are not transport ships.