Singularity Update - New Mining & Compression Changes now live

Looks like they just need to add one or two turret hardpoints to the mack so it can use the gas harvesters.

It’s actually all barges and exhumers.
Or is it a new module specific to these ships they forgot to create?
Or should they make the current modules (for turrets hardpoint) compatible with the barges and exhumers hardpoint?
Up to the devs to figure how.

EDIT: I see a “Ore Gas Cloud Hoarder” on the ORE LP Store. It has no variation, and I can’t find it in the fitting window nor on the market.
It requires a “Gas Cloud Hoarder II” to buy the ORE version. The Tech II is not available in the fitting window nor on the market.
I assume they are the modules for gas harvesting with barges/exhumers.

CCP : seed the market please. (the fitting window needs to be fixed to recognize these modules anyway)

Do you know when Singularity will be updated to reflect the latest proposed changes for the barges/exhumers, and the Kryos? I can’t wait to see if my future fit for the Mackinaw will both out-tank and out-yield my current Skiff fit on TQ…

Your original post needs to be updated. Leaving a ship in hangar is fixed and the FPS info is not showing by default now.

Also, will you address, before release, the mining missions ? (ore quantity need to be increased to counter the waste probability, and Ice Hold not recognized when turning in missions for ice)

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Hi, my friends.

On the test server, only a gray screen is displayed in the market window.

After checking the integrity of the received files, the problem persists.

Also, the problem persists after today’s morning update.

The link to the screenshot is attached.

This is happening to me too. I was getting on Sisi to test an abyssal running fit, but I can’t open the market to buy the filaments…

If there was a message about the Market not being open, just close the Market window and try opening it once or twice more. This can happen after the downtime (around 6AM UTC for Sisi). Similar to some star gates giving a message about the customs not being open and not allowing you to jump: just try to jump a few times and you will go through.

No. This is do not work in Singularity. Market window is empty.

didnt you hear? They forgot that mining missions even exist until a player mentioned it. Its highly likely instead of fixing them, tehy are just going to remove them tbh with the way ccp has gone with changes.