SiSi down?

What happened? I hope it’s nothing severe?

It was a graceful shutdown. I assume they are updating something.

Did you happen to be logged on at the time they spread the shutdown message?

Whenever they shut down, they send a ping that SiSi will be back in x minutes or whatever, if so, do you know what this message said?

I was logged in, however did not notice a message regarding the eventual return of Sisi. Are they sent on a chat channel?

No, the mssage is send to this rss-feed thing which also logs your recent killmails or buddies login on and off.

No, there were no notifications on that end. Only a simple 15 minutes to shutdown followed by a 5 minute reminder.

Oh okay. Thank you though!!

is it a new morror?

No problem! Hopefully it will be soon, I was kinda in the middle of something too.

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I wouldn’t know, that why I asked to find out.

Can’t be, it was only a month since mirror happened.

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