Sisi game crash

after update today 03/20/2019

i started my game as normal got in my carrier warped around the system in FDJ- and when i try to pull out my fighters my game crashes and ive sent a bug report

Hello Capsuleer, GM … at your service.

Thank you for contacting the Player Experience team. Unfortunately the Player Experience team can only provide support for the Tranquility server. The test server is primarily for the developers to test upcoming features and as such is provided as an “as is” service, with the unintended benefit of allowing players to perform their personal tests. This means that any issues with accessing the test server is not something that the Player Experience or Quality Assurance teams can assist with.

If your issue relates to the test server (Singularity) any support requests, bug reports and feedback would need to be posted to the ‘Test Server Feedback’ section of the forums at the following URL:

Test Server Feedback

has any one else had this happen to them as well others people can use there fighters but when i try it crashes

if any one knows how to fix this id love to know how :fastparrot:

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