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I have recently returned to the game however given some time passed I had to have my main email changed, now I can play on Tranquillity, however my main email for the test server did not change as such I cannot login, I raised a support ticket however my response was:


Thank you for contacting the EVE Online player experience team.

Unfortunately, due to its very nature, we can not offer any support for the test server. Any support, including requests to have accounts activated on the test server or any technical issues encountered is handled by the Quality Assurance developer team via the Test Server Feedback section of the forums.

You can find the Test Server Feedback section of the forums at the following URL:


Please post in the above forum section for any questions or issues relating to the test server.

_Best Regards, _
GM Rainloss
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie"

Can you please change my email over so I can play on the test server or let me know what to do? thank you and best regards

i have the same issue and got the same respons

Same for me too.

I can log into the game no problem but can not sign into the test server using the same details.

Same problem. Everything is OK on Tranq, but on Sisi my Account is connected to the old mail adress. Someone can help??

Can you pleas active Sergey Wedsa on Singularity!

Can you please delete my autentificator from SISI (activate Cooper Meghezi).
Otherwise I’ll wait for next mirror I guess

Fly safe o/

Same problem here

Same here

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