Sisters of EVE Marauder request

I am a humble man, but losing rattlers etc in Wormholes is… Not the best.

And that’s just to the locals ( Sleepers etc ), before you take into account rival capsuleers.

Is it not, dare I say, time for the Sisters of EVE to design a Marauder? With the ringy-bit at the back I hasten to add :wink:

Long time in space between dock-ups? Yup.

Loads of drones? Yes please.

Can do various sites? Oh yes.

Tanks like a bar-steward? Oh baby :wink:


Just lobbing that one in, as WH space is a lot more full than it used to be these days.

As opposed to the marauders you already have access to?

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Assuming a pirate marauder build works the same as a normal one, It would be invented from the Nestor BPC and the build would include a Nestor. Build cost including invention at current pricing for advanced components would be well over 2 billion ISK (material cost to build a Kronos is currently about 1.7 billion ISK). That’s roughly 5 times the cost of a Rattlesnake for the hull but you won’t get 5 times the capability.

Are you sure you want to risk taking something that into a wormhole?

How is this even different than the Nestor.

Maybe it won’t look like a space turd?

Please there are lots of fugly ships before the Nestor.

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