Site Scanner for hire Message ingame for more sites

Offering my service as site scanner…you choose the region and system and we fly down i scan the sites. no more switching ships or fitting one ship for multiple purpose flying. Prices start at 2 mil per site (only pay for what you run) systems in nullsec have a minimum pricing of 4 mil per site + a 2 mil “down payment”

**Down Payment covers my ship in case of gank/gate campers/NPCs. **

Message Ariksur Trald in-game if interested.

I like the sound of that! I have some more questions regarding your service, so for example, you want two million to scan down a site. What about the hacking? Does that include you hacking open the containers as well?

With exploring regards
-James Fuchs

I can hack the containers for you but I do advise the player that it is not “guaranteed” that the hack will be successful.

This only covers Hacking/Data sites and does not apply to cosmic sigs/annomilies

Players keep 100% of the profits from sites. payment covers all fee/expenses

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Thank you

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