Skill book lore?

I’m wondering if there’s any “official” or unofficial lore surrounding skill books.

For example, if I buy “small blaster specialization” and inject it and start training level I, what actually happens? Does the capsuleer physically open a (holographic?) book titled “small blaster specialization” and read it?

I’m assuming not since EVE is set in such an advanced world, so is the skill book really some kind of neuro databank chip that releases information into the brain when it’s injected (or plugged in)? Also, is there an in-universe explanation for why the higher a skill level is, the more time it takes to reach that level, even though the benefits gained are the same?

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Law of diminishing returns. The difference between training Rapid Firing I and Rapid Firing V is the difference between getting 5% higher RoF and getting 5% additional RoF when you’re already firing 20% faster.

I don’t know of any official documentation regarding skillbooks, but it’s fairly safe to assume they don’t physically exist as many of them can be directly bought and injected from character sheet. It probably functions by letting you connect to a server that sends the relevant data to your brain via FTL, and handling said data.

I wouldve thought it was something like in the movie “Matrix.” Where they uploaded a series of programs in Neo’s brain in order for him to obtain a skill, but it would have a longer download time depending on the type of clone like in-game.

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The transfer of the data most likely uses the same quantum network that is used to transmit the consciousness itself between clones. And it is near instant. The time it takes I would think involves the limitations of the human organic brain to absorb and train into the knowledge. Large amounts of training data could also be stored within the considerable hardware that is installed in every capsuleer clone, then released slowly as the organic brain assimilates it…

I agree with that statement. Our brain can only handle so much before breaking though we have the most powerful and unique super computer within our own heads.

I remember reading a long ass time ago that they are based on Jove technology, originally developed or at least known to the the four empires to be devolepd by The Society of Conscious Thought. How they work is somehow building and aligning neural pathways in the brain, literally creating knowledge - and handily sort of explains that while you can learn something this way, you still need practice to actually excel with the information. In any case, they are not really “books” of any sort, to my knowledge, more like information packages as theorized above.

But I read that, as said, something like well over 10 years ago, and I have no idea about the source or if it’s canon or fanon.

Based on this description it seems it is just a regular book:

What is worth noting is that how skill books works now, was changed not so ago with ability to buy them from character sheet.

Afik before that they where normal trade item and you couldn’t inject remotely.

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