Skill Training

Is passive skill training ever explained in the lore? I haven’t read the chronicles or short stories but I’ve read the scientific articles and nothing comes up. It reminds me a lot of something from The Matrix but obviously much, much slower.


I don’t know about the Prime Fiction (official lore) so much in terms of skillpoints outside that Capsuleers have a large amount of augmetics implanted into the brain. These would increase one’s capacity to remember, or ‘store’, knowledge and intuitive skills that can be accessed almost instantaneously. As the most well trained interstellar officer ever imaginable, with said implants it would be sensible for pilots to continiously learn and train their skills and knowledge every day to keep their competative edge compared to other freelance pilots.

In addition, a number of years ago you had to pay for clone levels that would retain a limited amount of your SP every time you were podded, so you had to buy a clone that’d match or exceed your current SP or risk losing some of them on dying. This was justified as ‘clone quality’ in lore, with inferior biomass and implants used in cheaper (and lower sp limit) clones, but in reality was just an ever increasing tax on pvping and got ditched.

Skill levels have often been treated as certifications of competence in particular areas by roleplayers, and remaps are I suppose altering which capsuleer implants are being given more priority for accumilating data compared to others.


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