Skill Queue Removal

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@CCP_Swift ,

First, a thousand apologies to @Paliphany_Bradbury . My previous message was not to tell you that you were obviously crazy, on the understanding that you are not, but to advise you to be very careful in investing without a net, so much money in what remains despite everything just a simple game.

Secondly, I imagine that a partnership between NVIDIA and CCP already exists since the Cloud Gaming offer via Geforce Now is already compatible with EvE Online; this is indicated in particular by our French NVIDIA platform (I have not checked the others) when performing a search on EvE Online; here is the message obtained:

Jouez aux jeux que vous possédez. Trouvez les jeux que vous voulez. | NVIDIA GeForce NOW

"GeForce NOW supports these games.

EVE Online
Digital Extremes, Epic Games Store, Steam"

After concerning the AI, why not, but it seems to me that on this point, CCP has every interest in continuing to work on the existing one.

Now, to get back to the substance of the debate that really interests us here, I would like to summarize everything that I have already pointed out and then suggested to CCP if they really wish to be able to get out of the rut in which they foolishly got themselves throughout the last 10 years, because personally, I don’t know of any company that would be ready to sacrifice so much of its clientele solely on the Altar of wait-and-see attitude, as CCP has been doing for more than 10 years, the only innovations in cosmetics being in no way sufficient to justify such a cost of the subscription to EvE Online in August 2022; and on this last point, we might as well stay in full ALPHA status under DirectX 11 which by the way works perfectly, while DirectX 12 does indeed cause our machines to overheat, while waiting to see the next changes coming following the next major updates , updates that we hope if possible deployed without the slightest bugs, like these random bugs for the least incomprehensible in August 2022, of display of the windows of the game interface.

But before that, I would like to highlight this recently highlighted by Chribba on his Twitter account, as it brings back some very good memories in me:

I now open this summary dedicated to EvE Online:

1- There are at least two or even three categories of players today: a) MMO-RPG-RTS players, b) PvP arena players, and c) investment players; a) the first spend a lot of their personal time in the game in the medium term (10 years), b) the second are fond of fast PvP games in the short term (1 year), and c) the third make the game their financial activity main in the long term (100 years? lol, I don’t care).

2- From CCP’s point of view, these three categories of players should be transformed into three distinct sources of income broken down according to three maximum time scales, namely short (b), medium (a) or long term (c), knowing that from the point of view of the players, its three categories can therefore in no way cohabit without their consent, and this contrary to what all the players of the second category wrongly claim, which became indeed dominant in August 2022 , knowing that the aggravation of unwanted behavior between players on the one hand, then that of veteran defections on the other hand, are largely attributable to the current maintenance of a single-server distribution of the game.

3- Among the priorities that CCP should imperatively address for the next few months, we therefore have: i) the establishment of two distinct commercial offers, namely a) the establishment of a server dedicated exclusively to real MMO-RPGs -RTS with some adjustments to balance the game mechanics, and this in favor of a fair return to balance between all the possible activities that are currently offered within the game, then b) the maintenance of the current server allowing all players wishing to get into the game quickly, to take advantage of PLEXs and injectors to be able to get started without having to wait, and finally ii) the complete overhaul of the skills system in order to favor automatic progression of skills relying exclusively , and this in near real time, on the only activity reports of the players who will in fact be able to have access to all the ships and equipment available, but at the initial level of mastery = 0 that only successive activity reports will subsequently allow it to gradually increase.

4- Next, CCP should very seriously review its position concerning the blockchain and NFTs, in the context c) of setting up a third server reserved this time, exclusively for investment players, knowing that all players from the previous categories can of course, if they wish, be interested in it too; this transversality between all the servers of CCP’s client portfolio is by no means excluded, which is what makes the whole idea gratifying.

5- In the meantime, CCP should continue its efforts to improve the quality of life and safety of its players, taking into account in particular my previous recommendations on this point:

[Discussion] Community Safety in EVE Online - EVE Information Portal / Announcements - EVE Online Forums

6- Finally, CCP should in the future proceed with caution regarding its commercial policy so that an episode as hazardous as that of inflation of +33% never happens again; at European level, I urge CCP to follow the ongoing debate on the initiative of 20 European consumer associations that I list below; I remind you in passing that EvE Online is PEGI 12 certified; the following document is Norwegian and serves as a basis for reflection at European level, knowing that it is not limited only to loot boxes:

Here is the list of the top 20 European consumer associations that are actively calling on the European authorities to put in place strict and effective regulation of the entire sector of the video game industry:

VKI (the Austrian Consumers’ Association), Асоциация активни потребители - Bnaac (The Bulgarian National Association), dTest (Czech Association of Consumers TEST), Forbrugerrådet Tænk (The Danish Consumer Council), Verbraucherzentrale bundesverband - VZBV (The Federation of German Consumer Organisations), KEPKA - Consumers’ Protection Center, Greece, EKPIZO (Consumers’ Association “The Quality of Life”), Greece, Neytendasamtökin - NS (The Consumers´ Association of Iceland), Adiconsum (Consumers and Environment Protection Association), Italy, Latvijas Patērētāju Interešu Aizstāvības Asociācija - LPIAA (Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection), Consumentenbond, Netherlands, Forbrukerrådet (The Norwegian Consumer Council), Federacja Konsumentow (The Polish Consumers’ Association), DECO, Portugal, Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije - ZPS (the Slovene Consumers’ Association), Organización de consumidores y usuarios - OCU, Spain, Asufin, Spain, Sveriges Konsumenter (The Swedish Consumers’ Association), Fédération Romande des consommateurs - FRC (The Romande Consumer Federation), Switzerland - L’UFC Que Choisir (L’Union Fédérale des Consommateurs), France.

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

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If you have adapted and overcome, youve already succeeded


Apologies accepted as graciously as text allows :slight_smile:

It’s a pure gamble/bet based on hopes EVE evolves in a way my gamble at least breaks even. Like I said in earlier posts I’ve gone into Eve viewing it as my retirement hobby and knowing I’ll likely only be able to afford 1 sub in 3 years when I retire.

Besides $5k is nothing compared to the $80K already lost in my 401k :wink:

That means they have an established partnership with the graphics & storage side of NVIDIA but I’d be willing to bet that’s completely different than a relationship with the AI development side.

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@Wadiest_Yong here is your insinuation that you posted…wanna try again?

and i have not made a personal attack…yet, just laying assault on your ideas.

There’s a world of difference between an insinuation (e.g. this boy is fear and rumor mongering) and a logical deduction (which is based on the current mechanics of SP generation and SP required to get certain skill levels). Try again.

Here’s your mistake: it’s not an idea, it’s a logical deduction with a consequence, based on how the current system works.

I would be okay with an ‘assault on your ideas’ if it were a discussion based on analyzing the steps in the deduction and finding any mistake. You haven’t made an assault on the deduction yet, which is based on a very simple formula for SP/min containing two variables which are currently under the control of the player.

we seem to have very different ideas about insults, basic polite behavior, and false accusations.

would that make it premeditated, and … harassment ? perhaps a post for ccp’s thread on community safety, although even there it would be a distraction from their main topic.


He has named himself max troll for a reason.

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You’re more than likely correct. The changes to the sill system are taking place now. I’m curious how it’s going work out. It’s all very interesting.

Except they decided to remove all training and skills now. Everyone can fly everything once this is pushed live. A more fair game for everyone.

I would imagine this will give CCP the opportunity to make skill progression horribly slow so they can force more predatory p2w on player to buy more skill injectors, skill point packs and bundles. Notice in video he never said skill point accumulation would remain the same as it is now… They have no reason to change a core mechanic of the game such as the skill que unless its to make them more $$. Glad I dont play this anymore. Everything they have done in the past 3 years has driven vets like me further and further away. The skill que isn’t the problem its the monetization and $19.99 sub price.

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Absolutely @xavier69 !

But in the case of CCP, it is indeed a disguised monetization in the form of aggressive taxation present at all levels of the game, with the sole objective of the rapid erosion/destruction of all the assets of the players; besides why would they make so much propaganda in favor of PvP, if this erosion/destruction did not serve their own interests via the sale of PLEXs? It is this whole mechanism, to say the least perverse and sneaky, that we must denounce as it undermines, on the one hand, all the original work of the designers/creators of New Eden as a persistent universe - a promise of persistence which is no longer really relevant today in view of the ongoing mismanagement and the perfectly understandable defections of veterans frustrated at having lost everything -, and on the other hand, all the hard work provided by the players to construction/production within New Eden which they believed to be indeed persistent.

Q. New Eden may well be a universe of Science Fiction, but it is nevertheless governed by the same ultra-liberal economic model which, IRL, constantly feeds on the erosion/destruction of the assets of the populations it despises; what good would wars be otherwise?

When I bought the game in 2003, I was part of a very small community of strategy players who, thanks to word of mouth, then naturally grew in view of this magnificent promise of persistence finally not kept today. by CCP; at that time we were among the first pioneers of New Eden, and each exchange initiated whatever the system where one could find oneself within the universe of New Eden always resulted in a growth of our ranks; today, any attempt at conversation leads to a fiasco in the face of alts who, like bots, will never answer you anyway, making New Eden a universe now emptied of its substance, namely: its players; on the way, where the control towers have passed; in August 2022, I am the ultimate survivor of this small group as I believe in the possibility of a salutary start from CCP which cannot remain eternally in such suicidal positions; my friends watching things from afar to the rhythm of our discussions among friends around a game of Eve CONQUESTS, each coming to follow the exchanges on this forum or on reddit, but without taking part; finally yes, I have a friend who occasionally intervenes on reddit where the debates are raging there too.

This is also why CCP should urgently:

1- or FINALLY become aware of the disastrous consequences of such a manipulative and misleading commercial strategy, and this in order to put an end to it while turning this iniquitous page in the history of EvE Online in favor of a new page rebuilt this this time on real solid bases like these, progression of skills included:

2- either do FI! of all our observations/complaints proving to be legitimate, to say the least, in view of the latest commercial events - inflation of +33% followed by false discounts - and this in order to prolong, despite ourselves, the writing of this most iniquitous page in history of EvE Online without measuring the extent of the consequences to come…

As we say back home, in France, the ball is now in their court. It’s up to them to see what they really want. But our little Vikings would be wrong to be so stubborn and to believe themselves above it all in view of the ongoing consequences, sometimes even dramatic, following so many errors accumulated despite the legitimate warnings of veterans.

The worst thing is that if it is indeed the lure of profit that drives them above all else, then in this case, what are they waiting for in the end to do things properly by concretely transforming these three distinct categories of players, namely as a reminder: a) MMO-RPG-RTS players of which I am a part, b) arena players fond of PLEXs and injectors, and c) investment players currently on the touch, into three sources of income managed from three separate servers?

It’s still crazy at the end of constantly having to explain everything to them! What are all these people paid for if they are so incapable of anticipating anything concerning what, in the end, could become the best possible future for New Eden?

Q. By the way, what good is this facade CSM for them, if it’s nothing, knowing that the CCL is only a very bad commercial propaganda tool proceeding only by stacking, which does not go unnoticed especially on this forum?

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Save New Eden!

Ully Loom

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“Its easier to change the name and claim its a new system than try to code stuff. Aint no one got time for all them numbers and letters. No one alive remembers how they work anyway.”

  • Generic CCP Head

hey guys and gals, new-ish player here saying that i think ccp is dumb for thinking i’m dumb and cant understand skill queues. Having a skill queue gives me a series of short term and long term goals, which i can re-prioritize if needed.
The vague proposed change isnt going to remove the skill queue, it’s just going to force me to make a list of skills I want to learn and in what order. Is it too hefty of a program within eve or something, so they want to push it off onto my notebook?
I’m not a huge fan of the years it will take to get the big toys, but it’s not like you’re taking those skills away and just giving them to everyone anyway. So we’ll still have to spend years to learn skills, its just that now we have to manually allocate them? or at least now being sometime soon-ish?
All this boils down to is a psychology trick to appease instant gratification, which is apparently the one thing this game is built to deny.


They will also be reducing the time they accumulate by 75% of current omega rate.

There was no skill queue when I started. There was also no skill point banking. As well, if you weren’t subbed, you weren’t getting SP.

I wouldn’t be averse to returning to that, to be honest.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


wen i started to play there was no ships
we just threw rocks at each other
and we ■■■■■■■ like it


I think its a lot more than that. Once they remove training implant’s buying +5’s and putting them in an alt and training it and extracting it is not going to make a profit anymore so people won’t be able to abuse skill farms.

Also yes the change is more inline with instant gratification but in my opinion if we see that blue number raise all the time we will feel more natural using skill injectors and buying sp for real money as it will fill up that blue bar.

Right now buying the injector and injecting it and looking at that static blue number you know its not natural and you probably wasted money.

I think they are probably trying to eradicate that unnatural feeling. Maybe it is just me that feels this way.

That means new players will hit the time wall and never be able to overcome it. That isn’t going to bring more players to eve.

relax , since skill extractor was introduced i never earned a single SP
i don’t care about industry , mining , or capital ships and i can fly the ships i want to fly
SP is not that important because eve have a horizontal progression after some time
you cannot be more perfect than a perfect destroyer pilot for example
that way choosing what you like to do you can do it like a veteran in no time
the most important eve skill is real life skill


sp is what allows for the horizontal progression. My skills at playing this game develop much faster than my skill queue allows for. Therefore I used skill injectors when I can so that I can jump into an activity I want to do.