Skill tree system

I wish you would bring the skill tree system into the 20th century, its long overdue for an overhaul. apart from adding stuff to it when was it last revised — I would guess never. Its what puts 90% of new players off when they look at this game. (And I want see this game grow.)

You might need to identify what part you think isn’t in the 21st century.
And good chance is it is the part most of us play Eve for

What changes would you suggest?

no no no! you misunderstand! It’s too modern! it must be taken back at least 19 years!



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What you want is instant gratification and a grind-to-train system, which most other programs in this genre use and which are really successful over time. In fact so successful that almost none of these games survive more than a year or two.

EVE’s skill training system offers a massive advantage over all these GTT systems: You do not have to play in order to advance. Someone should hammer that into your head before you keep blabbing more non-sense like that. Moreover, you can already speed that process up with implants, accelerators and skill injectors. The last are even already what GTT games offer: faster training for extra money. In essence: You are not a slave to the game in order to progress like in so many other Grind-To-Train games. In EVE, you are free to do whatever you want while you train whatever you want.


What do you want? max skills day one with ratting titans in Couster?

leave the skill tree alone… I’ve appreciated over the years of playing that I can train skills and stuffs up without being logged in the game.

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