Skillers in the Abyss: I'd love to participate, but... implants, cerebral accelerators, and disconnects

*/EDIT: Dyver Phycad’s helpful reply below made me reconsider :smiley:/
Hello CCP, here are my 2 cents, in case you find them of interest to you.

As of today Skillers In The Abyss offers higher Skillpoints rewards - which made me reconsider giving the Abyss a try, as accelerating training is my #1 priority.

I decided not to, cause:

  • I often get disconnected from the game
  • /EDIT: see Dyver Phycad’s helpful reply below/ jumping to a non-training clone would make me lose training time…
  • /EDIT: see Dyver Phycad’s helpful reply below/ …and ‘force’ me to log back in as soon as the next Clone Jump becomes available

If the Abyss wouldn’t kill pods, I’d love to give it a go (it sounds fun, even without Skillpoint awards).


You can change your clones in the same station/structure regardless of the JC timer. The JC timer only prevents jump cloning to other stations/structures.

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Yes, you will lose training time.

How much training time though?

Some numbers:

  • Abyssal filament takes at most 20 minutes.
  • Daily Skill training with perfect remap, cerebral accelerator (which you mention, I’ll assume expert +8) and +5 implant set is 82080 SP
  • Skill training bonus from +5 implants is 7.5 per minute.

This means that by going into the Abyss, you’re going to lose 150 out of your daily 82080 SP by swapping to an empty pod for 20 minutes.

Are you saying you don’t want to enter the Abyss because you’re afraid you will lose 0.2% of your daily SP?

Talk about maximising the fun out of the game…

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“Are you saying you don’t want to enter the Abyss because you’re afraid you will lose 0.2% of your daily SP?”
I didn’t know about the new ability to JC instantly within the same station/structure (until Dyver Phycad pointed that out in his reply), so I figured I needed to leave my training clone for 24 hours (or less, for people who trained Infomorph Synchronizing).
Thanks for doing the math though.

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Swapping clones without cooldown has been possible within structures for ages, but this functionality has been added to NPC stations too more recently, so I can see why you might have missed that.

It was a good change.

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For me it’s the timer and being limited to a cruiser. I tried a couple easy ones this morning just to give it a shot and I… I hate it as much as I thought I would. I don’t mind losing a clone, I just wanna do it on my own time.

I gave it a go and enjoyed it. The gates are… sexy :sunglasses:

I thought cerebral accelerators wouldn’t survive a pod kill, but I Googled it and it seems I was wrong.

So, as long as I only have to risk a cheap clone and my ship, I’m really pleased with Skillers in the Abyss :smiley:
Thanks Dyver Phycad, and CCP o7

EDIT: fun fact: shortly after completing my Abyssal run, I suffered a power outage :laughing:

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