Skilling Spree - Event Feedback

Which is a growing number of EVE players. They think that WOW-like grinding for progress is much better than passive training that made EVE as great as it has been until a few years ago. And CCP seems to agree with this bunch of incompetent lunatics.

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That’s the meaning of “random”…

One gets 29X10k worst case,another one gets 29X50k best case and anything between…

How do you not get this and who said it has to be “equally” paid out?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Duro’s much talked about Great Future for PvE only Highsec;

Random awards for not doing much.


_Well…this is caught “things change over time”.

If you can’t stand it you cal leave if you like to…

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Yes…why not?

The time of “eve is special” ended with skill extraction…

All that comes after it is just logical…

Sure lets go with it.

Im sure the crowds of people saying how much they love it will be along soon.

I mean, no one could have anything against totally random rewards for pointless little tasks, could they?

No they couldn’t …

What they couldn’t stand even more are people that are stuck in the past of an game…a past that is obviously over and buried depp inside the memories of people who cannot stand even the slightest change to the better of the game and fight it…


Cool, Ill just sit here grinding up these free SP on my alts while I wait for them to arrive.


Simply accpet the fact that your beloved “eve is special” time is long over and placed where it belongs…in the trashbin of mmog history…

Oh I am, Im loving these free items.

Its helping push a few of them into extractable amounts of skills. Should be worth a few billion in no time.

And thats good, isnt it?

yes it is…

Cool. Glad we agree that me being richer is good for the game.

Feel free to send me any amount you like, and I assure you I will continue to agree.



Simply stop complaining about something you will not change…the times of burning jita are over…EVERY community today is used to microtransactions and getting free stuff…eve is nothing special anymore and you will bring no one to burn jita anymore because todays players don’t see the problem AT ALL…

Get this fact and obey to it or leave…

Those are your only options…

Im not complaining, Im saying that now I dont even have to do anything and CCP are giving me SP and effectively Isk.

I mean, these goals are so easy, I do them by putting a smart bomb on a disposable ship and smartie ganking the PvE targets!


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What is wrong about getting free stuff easy?

I don’t get your point…

Nothing :slight_smile: Im telling you I agree with you.

Duro for CSM!

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Just face the reality…

That’s all the advice i can give you…it’s better for your health :slight_smile:

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My eyes have been opened, the way is true.

I hope CCP continues giving us all free stuff. I certainly cant see a downside.

I hope it continues indefinately, just like the Blackout.

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