Skills for more profit in selling goods

What are the main skills to be trained to maximize profit from selling goods in trade hubs (and in general)?
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Broker Relations - reduces broker fee down to 1% at Lv.5
Accounting - reduces sales tax down to 2.5% at Lv.5 (can be further reduced with standings, see below).
Margin Trading reduces the ISK required to setting up buy orders (the amount of ISK not payed this way will still need to be available in wallet for order to be fulfilled).

Sales Tax can be reduced simply by having high (unmodified) standing with the Corporation owning the Tradehub (down to 2% with both Corp and Faction standing at 10);

  • Jita tradehub is owned by Caldari Navy.
  • Amarr tradehub is owned by Emperor Family
  • Rens tradehub is owned by Brutor Tribe
  • Dodixie tradehub is owned by Federation Navy
  • Hek tradehub is owned by Boundless Creation


Skills that increase your max number of available orders:

  • Trade
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Tycoon

Thanks for the reply. Everything I needed to know

Also probably worth training up the skills to allow for remote order creation and management. Putting up buy orders in a citadel saves a lot on brokers fees.

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