Skin Redemption - Don't allow duplicate skin redemption

Can it be changed so that you cannot redeem skins on characters that already have the skin you’re trying to redeem.

Not sure if this is the right place for my post.

Oh is it possible to redeem a skin on a character that already has that skin?

If so, I wonder how many skins I have destroyed that way…

I’ve never tried that is I don’t really use skins that much. Just whatever i get for free. I would agree that if you have a permanent skin redeemed then you shouldn’t be able to double stack it and loose another skin. One the reverse if one has a limited skin and uses another limited skin it should stack and lengthen the time on the skin. As I’m not familiar with the mechanics in question of what is actually in place, having not tested things in question. This is just my view on how I think it should be.

That makes sense though. The current system of redeeming skins you already have that aren’t time limited doesn’t though.

Who programmed this madness? :stuck_out_tongue:

Humans! It was programed by humans. They make soo many mistakes cause, well… they’re human. CCP should hire time traveling A.I. from the future to make the perfect game… Fingers crossed.

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