SKINs vs Cloaks (not what you think)

When you apply a new SKIN to your ship, it always takes effect in the exact same way every time. The hull digitizes and the paint scheme changes from the center of the ship outward.

But when you activate a Cloak, it digitizes and transparifies the ship from a random location on the ship. Every single time… It always radiates from a different spot. One time it’s from the middle of the left wing. Another time it’s from the nose. And after that, it comes from one of the right thrusters. I could understand if it came from the High Slot mount point where you have the Cloak fitted. But it seems more like it’s randomly deciding from all the various Weapon Impact Points that they’ve assigned to the hulls. And it looks ridiculous.

I’d like to see some logic enacted. Either make it radiate from the High Slot, which lets you decide how it looks by arranging your fitting differently. Most ships have a few offset mounts, and often at least one central mount. Or the easiest fix would be to simply make it always radiate out from the ship’s center like the SKINs do.

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If this was a significant change in graphics that a lot of people would likely find valuable then perhaps but this just seems like you being ridiculously picky about a graphic that until you mentioned it i had not even noticed.


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