SKINS ... where is the missing text?

Hello fellows,

I hope this is read by some CCP GM or Dev.
For me as a skin enthusiast (having more then 1000 skins activated over several chars) following issue is at hand.

Lately new skins are released in the PLEX store with a flavour text:

So yes … the colouring looks very nice and so i bought some of them for my Minmatar char and activated them.

Then I boarded one of the ships and switched the skins.
BEAUTIFUL :grinning:

Then by right-mouse-click I opened the information and the description tab … and was deeple annoyed : where was the flavor text?

Showing this text in the PLEX store I - of course - considered this part of the deal. Not only buying the skin but also having the flavour text.
For many players this does not seem to be important, only lurking in empty space claiming EVE to be a pvp player and ships get destroyed anyway.

But there are gamers, players, who place EVE as what it basically is: a spaceship game. With a fantastic background. And part of this background is also the flavour text, on ships, guns, whatever … and also skins.

Therefore CCP : please add with upcoming patch all flavor texts , like for the Snowline Bladeracer Skins, the Malagrni Marshlight Skin, and all other skins that have been introduced with a flavour text

Thanks in advance
Best regards & o7


I think you should file a bug report. I think somebody just forgot to do this.

Flavor text is located in each particular skin, not the material.

Wouldnt be bad if it would be in material tho.

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Hello Nana Skalski,

what to you mean by this “located in each particular skin not the material”?
Which material?
Where located in the skin?

After buying / activating a skin: where can i see the flavor text like the one for the snow line bladeracer?

Example: for the Tengu the flavour text is, like for everything else, in the description tab:


But exactly this part which should contain the flavour text on the activated skin is almost empty, containing only the skin name, nothing else:


So … if i can find the flavour text somewhere else please tell me.
Thanks in advance & o7

If you have SKIN item for example in cargo, right click, show info. If you activate, right click on ship, show info, click skins tab and skins there have description if you right click, show info, or that (i) button on the right.

I think thats the point he’s making… It doesn’t have all that info that was in the description for the skin to begin with.

OP just file a bug report in game…

Materials, this what is showing in the left in the screenshot, just dont have descriptions. Same as constelations, same as systems, same as many other objects. There is just placeholder text in many places. Dont know why, maybe they did not want to put descriptions everywhere because too much work and text to read.

CCP never comes to these forums. Bug report it.

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This :psyccp:

Nana, i found it !!!
But this is ■■■■■■■ complicated hidden … without guide no chance to find.

For the rest:

So i guess it’s generally a design error … twice the tab title “description” but in once case it means the title of the skin, in the other its the real description aka the flavour text.


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i know a few skins outside of the one you mentioned, do have the flavor text… a few of my raven skins, has the text that appears in plex market… i think it was also just some laziness on CCP’s part. Id blame Falcon, but Paul isn’t here anymore.

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