Skybreaker Abyss Fit? CCP Help plz!

I have trained basic Edencom skills.
Just the skills cost is ludicrous.
Fitting a Skybreaker for basic T1 Abyss costs around 200Mil. NOT considering the AMMO!!!
It would be nice if it could fit Smartbombs… and Drones…
even if the Ammo still need to avoid friendly ships/drones or they would die rather quickly…

I have seen not a single video for the Skybreaker in the Abyss…
Perhaps no-one is flying one???

I know cost is ridiculous, but just for fun…
What would it take to NOT DIE in a T1 Abyss??

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I agree the ammo to use one of these things has historically been sky high. With the pause of edencom and trig stuff the ammo never went down like the trig ammo did. Oh man I remember leshak ammo being sky high too.

I can relate to your feelings about using something unique. I just been using a duel reper gila in electrical t3’s never caped out never had tank issues. Can do t3’s even t4’s forever.

It’s a real shame.

You can do T1s in a Beam Retribution for three times the loot. Nice for daily SP

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