Slave corporation seeks chill membership

Kor-Azor Slave Holdings is a small, focused group committed to a specific set of goals. I am currently looking for someone who likes to chill and hang out, and doesn’t mind doing faraway pick-ups when I can’t make them.

You need to be comfortable moving contraband through parts of New Eden where slavery is illegal. This means using a covert ops ship or blockade runner for dodging customs.

Important: Mind your own business. If you have to ask “why,” then this is the wrong corporation for you. If you like to ask dumb questions about stuff that is none of your business, then this is definitely the wrong environment for you. My corporation doesn’t exist to satisfy your passing curiosities, and I am not here just to entertain you. If you think that’s harsh or paranoid, then you’re looking into the wrong corporation and this place is not for you.

Finally: Newbies are as welcome here as the flowers in spring; however, hate is not. You know what I’m talking about. Role playing and stuff is fine, but there are certain things that are not funny and if you are typically the sort of edgelord who thinks he can make a tough joke funny, then I have news for you, pal: You are not funny, everyone is just too nice to say that you suck.

10/10, would sell own people again.

We are still recruiting. Although it’s a small corporation, I stay active and love good conversation. Come hang out online with me in the public channel: Elite Slavery

Good luck!

Hello! I am still looking for an assistant in my slave corporation.

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